News: StrTgrm: McCann has arrived in style

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Nov 22, 2010.

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    ARLINGTON -- A rookie who is released twice before the season begins and then is signed to a practice squad should not be brimming with confidence or deluded by visions of grandeur.

    Don't tell that to Bryan McCann, who has all the traits of a classic defensive back. Part of the emotional makeup required is the ability to forget about negative plays and never lose confidence in your own ability.

    That's McCann. Two weeks ago, the free agent from SMU made his NFL debut. If someone had told him at the time that two touchdowns -- a 101-yard interception return and a 97-yard punt return -- were in his future, surely he would have been shocked.

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    Good coaching by De(?). McCann was obviously paying attention. His return for a TD IMHO was a game changer when the Cowboys really looked like they need it. Love to hear stories about an undrafted rookie who produces big time for us. Ha. Future opponents might soon start watching out for him.

    Hope he continues to be a standout player for us & that good DB coaching help develops him into a quality player. He's got speed, good hands & plays tough. If we had good DB coaching (get rid of Campo), this kid might really develop into pretty good CB or even help out at S. Curious about his size.
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    Late night NBC couldn't even give the kid credit for a great play. They just kept saying he stepped out and the refs blew the call.
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    It's a free play, meaning even if the returner fumbles it, the ball goes back to where the opponent touched it? I'm not into looking up rules, but it would seem you still have to take extreme care on deciding to try and return it. I'm just not sure what they mean by free play...?
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    I heard the same thing. Unbelieveable.

    Seems if there was any questions, Detroit would have challenged it.
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    Consider the source (dungy). ;)
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    This guy has been a game changer two weeks in a row. Hard to believe he was stuck on the PS the first half of the season while AOA ran straight up the middle on returns for nothing time and again.
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    I saw the play and it was close but from the angle, I don't know if there was enough to overturn it.
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    He did step out of bounds. Regardless it was a great return and I love how fast he reacted on the field. Not sure how this is a free play. So if he fumbles the ball at any point in the return, it isn't really a fumble? It doesn't make sense.
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    Agreed, he did step out, still a gutsy move on his part. If he hadnt have stumbled to let the kicker get him he would have had another return for 100+ yds (iirc)

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