News: StrTgrm: Receiver tipped off Cowboys' McCann on route

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    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Gerald Sensabaugh and Terence Newman had adjoining lockers at New Meadowlands Stadium on Sunday night.

    After the game, they talked amiably. There was no pushing, no yelling, no controversy.

    A few lockers away, a beaming Bryan McCann happily answered questions about not getting pushed or shoved, and especially about not getting caught.
    The Dallas Cowboys' defense was incinerated last week in Green Bay. It gave up 45 points. During a three-week period, the defense allowed 121 points, and that cost head coach Wade Phillips his job.

    So the defensive players came out Sunday afternoon against one of the hottest quarterbacks in the league, and they did little to stop Eli Manning from piling up yards. He passed for 373 yards and two touchdowns.

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    Don't spill the beans, McCann! Now Nicks will make sure he doesn't do the shimmy shake anymore and will leave you guessing.

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    When I saw the formation I knew it was going to be the play from the first game that beat Sensy or either a slant. I'm glade McCanns read it.
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    This suggests McCann studied his moves and learned, even though he didn't necessarily plan to play as much as he did. Either that or he has the smarts to figure that out in-game. Nice job. A thinking CB!

    By the way, it looks like Sensabaugh was embarrased by the whole thing--trying to cover it up with "we were just acting...."

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