News: StrTgrm:Season is still young, but Cowboys need to grow up

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    IRVING -- The Dallas Cowboys (1-2) are back at work and ready to go after a bye week. Here's a progress report from the first three games:

    Rush offense: Yes, the Cowboys ran much better against the Houston Texans and with more of a commitment. But let's be honest, they haven't run it well enough or often enough this season. They have failed in getting more touches for Felix Jones, which was the plan going into the season. Bottom line, the Cowboys were seventh in the NFL in rushing last year. Now they are 26th. Enough said.

    Pass offense: Numbers-wise, the Cowboys have been good through the air. They have the league's fourth-best passing offense. But the Cowboys' passing game has not been good enough to win. Penalties, interceptions, miscues and missed assignments have cost them games.

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