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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by flashback, Jul 12, 2007.

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    How come my guys are the slowest guys on the field? Which button do I press to run fast?

    Why is it that if Deshaun Foster or LJ Smith gets behind my defense, they're gone, but if Terry Glenn or Miles Austin or Owens or anybody on my team gets behind the defense, a LB runs 'em down within 5 yards.

    I'm horribly embarrassed to be asking this, but I've got to be missing something. Any help from the Madden gurus would be greatly appreciated. And yes, I waited until 2007 to finally cave and buy a video game. If it matters, I'm playing on my PC with a 10-button controller.

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    you have to jack it up first, then unscrew the gasket and let the oil spill into the oil pan

    then screw the gasket back on and remove the oil filter, again letting the oil into the oil pan

    then put on the new oil filter and pour in the new oil into the tank from the engine and you're good to go

    hope that helped!
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    what difficulty are you playing it on??? If you play it on rookie your guys will automatically be faster, as it gets harder the computer gets faster, i guess your playing on a computer so i dunno what the turbo button is, on playstation you have to tap x, or hold it i forgot
  4. flashback

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    Thanks for your help guys. It looks like button 2 is the key, although sometimes is makes your guy dive unexpectedly. And be careful not to drop the drain plug in the pan. :)
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    On PS2, you hold X to go faster. Check it out in your controller configuration, it should be labelled sprint.

    Also, and I disagree with this, All-madden makes your players much slower then the rest of the competition. I would rather have the computer have better awareness, make better plays then just have it be faster then I am.

    But in rookie (or whatever the lowest setting is), you are faster then the computer.
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    I love rookie mode because I suck at any other level. :laugh2:

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