Sturm: Chatting Draft with Rafael Vela

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 26, 2011.

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    Sturm: Chatting Draft with Rafael Vela
    ByBob Sturm / Contributor | Bio
    12:50 PM on Tue., Apr. 26, 2011 | Permalink
    This is our 3rd or 4th occasion to chat with one of my buddies who is equally obsessed with Cowboys topics - Rafael Vela of

    Here is our last chance prior to the draft where we attempt to tackle a number of issues including the big talk at #9 - Do they trade up, trade down, or stay put? 3,000 words of sparring about Pick #9 and Pick #40:

    Bob Sturm: OK, Well, a few days until go time and we have plenty of items to chew on with the rumors of moving up, moving down, and staying put. A wonderful time of the year, Mr Vela
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    Thanks...I have been waiting for this since you posted about this morning.
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    yw buddy :)
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    'Rafael Vela: Exactly. Sooner or later, Dallas has to fix that line. They owe Tony Romo a good, young line at some point in his career.

    Bob Sturm: Ok. So, although I hear signs that the Cowboys are not as excited about Tyron Smith as I am, I am still going to operate under the theory that his choice at #9 appeals to me more than anyone else there. I feel value meets need rarely, but this seems to be a spot where best player available is exactly the same as your biggest need on your roster.'

    I think that sums the vertex of opportunity for Dallas.
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    Rafael Vela:: Peterson? If he can run, you leave him at corner. That's his calling card, right? A 219 lb. corner with 4.32 speed? Ronnie Lott moved to safety because he struggled as a corner his rookie year. I can't see spending that much on a guy to move him to safety. And again, Dallas hasn't transitioned a player to safety since Darren Woodson in 1992.

    Vela needs to educate himself on Ronnie Lott. Lott was a Pro Bowl cornerback his first four seasons in the league, including his rookie season (7 picks and 3 TDs).
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    I haven't heard that or read that regarding Smith. I think he is a player who interests them - though he may not be the pick end of the day.
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    I really enjoy their chats. Hopefully they'll have something together right after the draft as well.

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