News: Sturm: Cowboys Draft Weekly Notebook - Episode 2 - Linehan and Aaron Donald

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    I realize this is a slight departure from strict draft previewing and such activities, but surely the coaching developments at Valley Ranch all connect and relate to what we are attempting to do here in preparation for May. That said, the Cowboys bringing in Scott Linehan to assist in the most confusing spiderweb of offensive coaches and philosophies in the NFL continues to take shape. Meanwhile, of greater headlines and lesser impact, Rod Marinelli takes over as the defensive coordinator at the present, something this blog has been suggesting he was already doing. And perhaps the most "Jerry" move of them all, Monte Kiffin and Bill Callahan appear to be still employed with the Cowboys and will continue to serve in some capacity that is certainly vague, which confounds all involved.

    Now, rather than spending too much of this column with cynicism on why the Cowboys are hopelessly tangled in agendas, pride, and an overall refusal to organize in a proper and accepted manner in this profession that most resembles the military power structure in the majority of organizations, let's look at why this particular move of Linehan joining Garrett to attempt to sort out the offensive issues with play-calling, tactics, and utilizing the assets in the best possible ways (for instance, it is clear that the entire Gavin Escobar episode is a real chaffing issue).

    Linehan is a coach who has his plusses and minuses of course. Every coach - especially those who are easily available at this time of year - are not going to have such a glowing resume that we run to his arms in January and he comes in and fixes everything. Rob Ryan had a list of doubters who said he had never won anything. Monte Kiffin's doubts were based on his last several years of work. Bill Callahan still had to answer for Super Bowl 37 and his very odd relation ship with players. Rod Marinelli coached a team that went 0-16. The list goes on and on.

    Well, in Linehan's case, my initial concerns are based completely on my over-riding issues with the offense. I have long thought that the Cowboys offense is too finesse and does not value the ability to (at times) bully the defense into submission with clock-controlling, demoralizing, and punishing football that shows the opponent that this is going to be a very long day. I think that it seldom hurts to defend against the Cowboys and that they run only as an afterthought.

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    I completely agree with this although I think we've been hampered with a bad offensive line for years but I sure as hell would like to see us punish people next year in the run game but I'm not holding my breath either.
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    I would love Donald with the first pick!!! I don't know if he will be available though. I am hoping Aaron Lynch is around in the second - the kid is going to be a stud.

    I think this team showed that it could run the ball last year and after the Green Bay game I think it was evident that we needed to run it more when we had a lead and could effectively run the ball. In previous years we didn't have the horses up front to run effectively. If Murray can stay healthy (A Big if) and we can get Dunbar back and healthy as a change of pace guy, there is no chance we can overlook our ability to run the ball. It would also allow us to more effectively use play action and misdirection which, when you don't have a running game, no one respects. Our OL could be even better next year now that Fred and Leary have some time under their belt and Tyron is moving to a different level of elite. If we could upgrade our RG we could have one of the better liens in the league barring injury. I will say I was pleasantly surprised how well Berny played last year after Waters went down.
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    We had a very good run game late last season and absolutely refused to trust it to help us close out football games. It has been a chronic and repetitive issue for years as we continue to believe it is weak, even when it tangibly is not. I could pass it off as a trust issue due to talent, after last season it is clear it is a preference.

    While it is nice to pretend it was Callahan, it is fairly clear right now that Garrett's preference for the pass is what drives our offensive philosophy. And the wonderful thing is, we brought in a playcaller who thinks just like him.
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    Until we have a committment to running the ball none of that matters. Red Ball does not want to run no matter what he says.
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    Yes ... wonderful. That's the word I was thinking of.
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    And in all the coaching musical chairs.............Wade Wilson is still here telling Romo who to throw to. Why does this guy continue to get a pass every year?


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