News: Sturm crushes Jerry: The Morning After: Cowboys' talent betrays

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by RS12, Jan 2, 2012.

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    January 2, 2012

    Anytime there is a full and complete collapse - such as going 1-4 to finish the season - it would be much too simplistic to single one portion of an organization for ridicule and public identification.

    Rather, for the 2011 Dallas Cowboys, we must look in all sorts of directions. And we must wonder, after a very disappointing 8-8 campaign, how long things will continue in this general direction before the Cowboys can break out of this franchise-worst drought of playoff futility and return to its formerly usual spot with the heavyweights of the NFL.

    Once upon a time, the Cowboys organization set the pace for excellence in the league.
  2. TonyS

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    Sturm is a great writer and is spot on. Now, let the hand wringing begin as GMJJ ain't going anywhere.
  3. JakeCamp12

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    This is the exact truth. No agenda, but factual. Well written.
  4. vta

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    This guy hits it from all angles.
  5. Royal Laegotti

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    Article of the new year. People really need to quit lining JJ's pockets with cash for this trashy product.
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    Pretty solid article across the board. I especially like the thought of how he built a winning stadium to host super bowls but hasn't built a winning roster.

    Priorities in the wrong place has been a consistency with Jerry.
  7. jobberone

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    Jerry needs to read this.
  8. ScipioCowboy

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    Apparently, I'm a day late and a dollar short. I just posted this article to your wall.

    My "sell the team" chant idea isn't looking so bad now, eh?
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    That article is so depressing in its truth. :(
  10. vta

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    I've been singing that tune for a while now.
    Well, I really don't expect him to sell, but I would think at some point he'd wise up and realize he's not getting it done and really needs to bring someone in to do the job.

    Vain hope maybe, but never the less.
  11. ZeroClub

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    Many posters have repeatedly said the same thing in this forum. For several years.
  12. Flinger

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    So, let it be written.

    Nothing more needs to be added or taken away.
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    I really wasn't expecting anything more than 9-7 this year, so I'm not all that down in the dumps about this season. However, what's disappointed me more than anything is how obviously big the talent disparity has been the last two weeks against the Eagles and Giants. We didn't even look like we belonged one the same field as them, and I'm not sure how the gap gets significantly closed in one offseason. I'm about to the point where I think it would be best for everyone involved if the Cowboys just traded Romo to a contender for multiple high draft picks.
  14. garrett316

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    Unfortunately, Jerry thinks he's doing just fine. Last night he was talking about how the talent doesn't say we are 8-8 or something. I couldn't understand him because he was about 8 gins into his evening.

    He just listens to his football people or he saw the light when he hired Parcells or Stephen has his ear, the excuses never end and neither does the mediocrity. Hey, the football building will be filled with the next boxing match or the circus or a dog show. While others like Colbert, Pioli, Dimitroff, etc spend 24/7 thinking of acquiring talent to enhance the roster, the snake oil salesman continues to promote, market, and make money while the Ciskowskis of our world hit the scouting trail to get all the information to our "final decision maker" Jerry. Happy Times!
  15. Double Trouble

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    The myth of things changing after Parcells left:

    "Look at this history of Cowboys draft picks sometime. You will see the horrible truth that Bill Parcells and his crew put the top of this roster in place. And the rest of the roster is a product of his last draft (his worst) and every draft since. The sum total of the 2006-11 drafts right now on this roster is minimal. The should be the spine of the roster."
  16. ManicDepressiveMan

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    Strum should win awards for his writing.

    He hits the nail on the head about this lousy team and the people that run it every time.
  17. arglebargle

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    Though the Great Parcells myth is continued: He'd've had us picking Spears or Merriman with our first pick. He'd've gone for Kevin Jones instead of Jackson, without his trade down for Julius Jones. Payton was the one who pushed for Romo. Parcells couldn't pick lineman (which leads to some of our issues with them now), and his pet cats were pretty much all fizzles.

    He did, however, have a system for identifying what players to look for that was a definite upgrade.

    I do expect there will be a lot of new faces in the defense next year.
  18. ChopBlock

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    Nothing changed, and it was evident within weeks of BP leaving when Jerry hired an OC before he even hired a HC. It served further notice when Jerry took the easy way out in promoting Garrett to take Wade's place. We ended up with no real change and someone Jerry was comfortable with who wouldn't mind having the owner/GM come down to the sidelines and confer with him during games or be the mouthpiece and face of the franchise. As long as everyone in the organization knows that the buck stops with Jerry and not the HC then there's no real accountability for the players. It just undermines the HC just like what happened with Barry, Chan, Campo and Wade.

    With Jerry it's just continually rearranging the deck furniture on the Titanic.

    And going back to the personnel decisions, the big difference between pre-BP and post-BP was that Lacewell was gone and no longer Jerry's behind the scenes decision maker. But Jerry went back to being the main say on personnel and still forces his way on players (like TRRW trade for instance). And he still refuses to address a serious need until well after it's become a major hindrance.

    Until Jerry steps back again with a quality HC in control like Jimmy/BP or until he leaves, then nothing is going to really change. We'll just be an average team on the borderline between making the playoffs or barely missing with some worse seasons thrown in now and then. But aside for the stars, moons, planets all aligning etc, this team with Jerry in control will never mount a serious run to the SB.
  19. garrett316

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    "a year from now, you won't remember I was here." - Bill Parcells January 2007
  20. garrett316

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    "Are you tired of hearing that Jerry the owner should fire Jerry the GM and overhaul how this team selects its players? You should be. Despite a few respites when Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells selected players, Jerry and his crew have failed to assemble anything more than a team that rides its few star players right into the ground as they try to navigate around the replacement-level players that Jerry has assembled at every other spot on the roster.

    He is banking on you blaming Ryan, Romo and Garrett, again. And he also is banking on you buying $340 tickets next season."

    you go Sturm.

    :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:

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