News: Sturm: Decoding Callahan - Is Dez Getting The Ball Enough?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mr Cowboy, Oct 29, 2013.

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    Made separate thread...
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    Sturm ignores the obvious. From Romo after the game.

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    What bugs me is there are 5 guys on routes, 2 of them are less than 5 yards down the field. Might as well just keep in extra blockers if that is how you plan to attack the defense on 3rd and 8.

    Another pattern that remains is the lack of pass attempts between the hashes, everything is to the sidelines in this offense.
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    I wonder if jerry Jones will ever trully understand that ignoring the trenches will never produce a great team.
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    Did you read the article? Pretty early on Sturm says...

    "Ball is gone to Hanna here and Fairley is on Romo. If Romo waits another half-second, can he get the ball to Bryant? I think so, but then you are getting your QB trucked again by a DT. So, Romo understands that he needs to pick his spots and in the 1st Quarter take the safer throw to Hanna and hope he can break a tackle. He cannot. And it is time to punt."
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    When you can't create a pocket it's harder to deliver the ball over the middle. No passing lanes.

    Believe me Bill C. knows what a slant is.
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    They are also pretty predictable with their formations. They have run the ball out of the pistol formation almost every single time and they run out of the 12 package around 75% of the time. Teams pick up on those type of tendencies and it has put them in 3rd and long situations because of it.
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    I think part of the reason Dallas struggles with running the ball is that teams know when Dallas is going to run the ball, and to an even greater extent they know when Dallas is going to pass the ball. When Dallas is under center, they run the ball about 66% of the time. More recently (last 4 games) they've been above 70% and in the last 2 games they were 80% or greater.

    When Dallas is in the shotgun, they're passing 85% of the time. The numbers are from Sturm's "Decoding Callahan" and a scramble is also considered a run so the true percentage of called passing plays from shotgun is going to be higher, if only by a little bit.

    As Sturm pointed out Dallas is using shotgun 62.5% of the time, which is up from 54% last year and 44% in 2011. I've used his numbers and didn't include plays listed as "other" in terms of what package is used.

    If teams simply played the run every time Dallas was under center and played the pass every time Dallas was in the shotgun, they'd successfully have the right defense called almost 80% of the time.
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    Then move him out of pocket. Romo is not a pocket QB like Stafford. He is mobile and is pretty deadly out of the pocket. Why do we insist that Romo is a pocket passer? There are ways to move the pocket or have plays designed to get Romo out of the pocket.

    This whole thing that Romo has gotten too much pressure is nothing more than a lack of creativity or design by the powers that be. Mainly the coaches. If you don't want Romo to be trucked by a Dlinemen, then don't make him a stationary target. Get him moving around. Play action or bootleg would do just fine.
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    From your post, I don't think you know what a slant is. Slant is a one of the quickest pass plays. You hike the ball and throw it. You don't need to "create a pocket" before throwing it.
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    I'm shocked by the fact that we ignore the middle of the field. It does seem that Witten has been quiet lately.

    I have always thought that we are too predictable when we decide to run the ball. Tony needs to be under center more and run more three step drops, quick slants, outs, hitches. In addition this would better set the run.

    In addition if you have success with the short passing game and running game, you can run play action a lot easier. Then you can hit a deep post/square in combo with your X and Z receiver.

    The bottom line is that Dallas makes it too easy for defenses as they know what is coming based on their tendencies with formations and routes.
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    Also watch when Harris is in the game. We run more often than not when he is.
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    here a little tidbit of what good oc's do-

    "We went into the game trying to move Jordy around to get him some more opportunities," OC Tom Clements said. "He's a big target in there. It's beneficial to the offense for us to do that."
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    They played Nelson in the slot even though Jordy Nelson is really is a big boundry WR because they wanted to see how the Vikings would react -- they left it to their normal slot CB to handle Nelson out of the slot and were burned for 100+ yards and two TDs.

    Was it even a strategy before the before the game to try Nelson in the slot or was it part of an overall offensive philosophy that focuses on moving WRs/TEs around and testing the opposing team's defensive personnel to see how they react?
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    Biggest stats I see there is:
    Week 7
    2nd Down Avg Distance to Go 7.10
    3rd Down Avg Distance to Go 7.00

    against Philly's D? Really?
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    This is so true. I can usually call it before the snap; and if I am able, I expect D-Cords are able to a greater degree.
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    Wait, we never attack the middle? This has been the forte of the Garrett playbook since the beginning. Ironically, whenever Dez runs the drag across the middle, he's wide open.
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    BTW, we rarely run play-action anyways... As Hoofbite points out above, teams know what we are going to do when we do it. Even when we run, they know it. So even if we force a safety to cheat when we show run, there is no play-action for the defense to bite. Additionally, if your not targetting the middle, safeties can easily cheat to a side making sideline throws difficult.

    We've got a bunch of clowns running this offensive show...
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