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    Published: Tuesday, September 10, 2013, 9:57am

    If you continue down this road with us, we will look back at the last game from a number of angles, and try to dissect what they did well, what they did poorly, and what interests us on a level of innovation. The Cowboys are moving from Jason Garrett to Bill Callahan - and so will we. What has been called Decoding Garrett is now Decoding Callahan. We know that it is still the Garrett offense, but there will be some adjustments. We also know that the GM is committed to multiple tight ends being used on a regular basis and has instructed the offense to run accordingly. So, we will spend time looking at that.

    Again, this is digging deeper than most studies, so I understand if this is a lot of information. But, if this interests you on some level, stick with it, and it will start to make more sense as the weeks go on.

    And now, on to the Giants game.

    The Cowboys entered this game with a very unsettled idea of what their offensive line was going to look like. They knew their left tackle and center were locked down in Tyron Smith and Travis Frederick, but even there, Frederick was playing his very first NFL game. Usually, your center's first NFL action would frighten a team a bit, but he has been so solid and the rest of the line has been so chaotic that Frederick has actually been the last thing they have worried about. It is almost like he he conducts himself as a 5 year veteran and seems to play like one, too.

    Read the rest:
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    I've been waiting for his article. Thanks for posting it, WG!
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    Great stuff. Thanks, WG.
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    S11 was terrible yesterday even though it was our best grouping last year.

    Is TWill that much worse than KO? Is the Giants secondary that good this year? Was it just that Romo was off?

    It'll be interesting to see what success we get out of the different alignments against the Chiefs.
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    One thing hasn't changed, very few passes to the middle of the field. Only about 4, and 2 of those were TDs. That is another reason they can use one of their safeties over the top on Dez, they know they don't have to defend the middle of the field especially deep.
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    Romo was not off with a 73.5% completion rate. But the stats don't tell the complete tale as my eye says he was a tad off with the intermediate passes and just off with the long ones mostly after the injury. I haven't looked at the stats for the intermediate stuff so so one correct me if the above is off.

    What's telling is the 5.4 Y/A and the TD% was 4.1. Tony's career Y/A is almost 8 and AY/A is 7.7 with a TD% of 5.4% I haven't looked at the Giants coverage but they shut us down and gave us the underneath stuff. The questions are how and why couldn't we adjust as Romo had a lot of time esp until they discovered they couldn't create much pressure sending 4 guys so they had to blitz. Then the next question is why didn't we burn them for the blitz which generally was handled well.

    Has anyone looked at the coaches film yet?
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    I think TWill played like rookie in his first NFL game, I expect him to get better. He was beating the 1 on 1 coverage he was getting but he had a few mental mistakes that resulted in incompletions.
  8. jrumann59

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    The Giants rushed 4 most of the game with everyone else dropping off. Dez gets 3 guys, CB/LB/S, Miles 1 on 1 in the short zone, Witten was getting Safety over the top and LB underneath, TWill one on one and Demarco was open in the flats and short patterns all day
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    precisely, you send 1 or 2 receivers to the middle of the field and they have to defend them.

    This is how they have run their offense for a couple of years, I am sure the other teams have noticed this.
  10. CooterBrown

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    My opinion is that the game plan was for a lot of quick short passes because they weren't sure how the oline would hold up against the Giant front four. I think they answered that question and we will see a lot more down-the-field stuff against KC.
  11. xvendettax914

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    I could not agree more.
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    I'm surprised that the Giants rushed only 3 15% of the time on 3rd down. They definitely tried to flood the coverage.
  13. whynot

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    I like the thinking and possibilities behind S13. I dislike that it takes either Dez or Miles off the field though.
  14. jobberone

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    I think the idea of starting with quick passes is probably correct. But after awhile it was obvious Romo had a lot of time to throw the ball. So I don't know why he had trouble finding people open down the field. @jrumann59 raised the coverages above. I still can't see the coaches film on the Cowboys although I can see it for some other games.
  15. kruddy

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    the west coast offense needs rac , but when we can get 2 to 3 yards when needed we will win more than we lose.I understand that we are not a west coast offense, but those are taken from the west coast offense
  16. kruddy

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    When I said 2 to three yards per play I meant in the running game
  17. rwalters31

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    What I saw about the Cowboys in week one was a running game to set up the passing game, it was conservative and to me set up to attach the secondary. My surprise was not seeing the "12" personnel doing the work. This was the advertized base offense mentioned during the TC and Preseason. My guess is that there is still not enough trust in the 3 TE sets with the personnel we have.:confused:
  18. Idgit

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    They were only bringing 4 rushers 2/3rds of the time. That left a lot of guys in coverage, and I think, as Tony said himself earlier in the week, the number one thing for him last week was to take care of the football. So he took a lot of the safe stuff. The Giants also did a great job of tackling Austin in the open field, or those YPA numbers would have been higher.
    We'll see as the season progresses. The Chiefs are going to run multiples and bring a lot of pressure, so we get to see this week how well Romo handles it with his new weapons. I'll bet we're more explosive offensively than we were in week one. At least early on.
  19. dallasdave

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    Hope they have a good plan for the Chiefs.

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