News: Sturm - Decoding Garrett - Are we in survival mode?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Gaede, Nov 27, 2012.

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    Sturm is outstanding as always.

    What infuriated me about that bomb to Aldridge is that Aikman litterally called it right before the play. He said Aldridge was a blazer and the Cowboys better be ready for the play action to deep route. BOOM.

    It changed the game right then and there. So simple, yet our players and coaches didn't see it coming.
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    I would just argue that 1 game is not a big enough sample size.

    I saw Chad Hutchinson look like a Pro Bowler against the Jaguars for 1 game. And the coaching staff loved him, too.

    Guess how that turned out.

  3. Yakuza Rich

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    The coaches saw it coming. McCray didn't. He was not paying attention. I was ticked when it first happened, but once they showed the replay, McCray was in the right position to protect against it, he was just caught not thinking.

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    Costa has been injured almost the entire season. He played one good game but it really doesn't matter for what reason. The only thing you can say is that Costa has not been a factor for us this year, good or bad for the most part.

    Last year he was suspect and the entire interior line is having pretty major problems. Giving conjecture into what Costa is or isn't is tough for any fan at this point. The only evaluation that can be given as for 2013 is, is there a risk that he will remain injured? I would say yes so, even if he comes in as the starter, I sure hope that they have a backup plan that is better than Cook/Arkin/Bernadeau.
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    I agree with that and I've said the same.

    Costa's one start this year was truly impressive, but I'm not suggesting he's the "savior" of the offensive line-- not hardly.

    We want to see more.

    I was simply pointing out that if you want to knock Costa for doing well against an injured oppenent then keep that in mind when evaluating Costa's short career and recognizing his worst games were when he was injured.

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