News: Sturm: Decoding Garrett - Week 14 - Steelers

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Dec 18, 2012.

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    There was a pretty interesting stat that emerged from the Cowboys exciting win on Sunday that I think is worth mentioning before we move the Pittsburgh game completely aside. It is the following:

    Since 2004, there have been 5 times that the Steelers have lost a game while conceding 300 yards of passing to the opposing QB:

    Sept 25, 2005 - New England 23, Pittsburgh 20 - Tom Brady 346 yards
    December 9, 2007 - New England 34, Pittsburgh 13 - Brady 399 yards
    November 11, 2010 - New England 39, Pittsburgh 26 - Brady 350 yards
    January 8, 2012 - Denver 29, Pittsburgh 23 - Tim Tebow 316 yards
    December 16, 2012 - Dallas 27, Pittsbugh 24 - Tony Romo 328 yards

    In other words, it doesn't happen very often.

    This was actually the 7th game this season where the Cowboys offense put up 400 yards of total offense, but it has been one of those years where the Cowboys have put up a very large amount of its production in games when they fall way behind and build up statistics that may or may not truly matter.

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    I've always wondered how a billion dollar stadium could have such an obvious and preventable flaw. It's astounding to think that anyone would design a huge glass window in the exact direction that you would most expect to have sunlight problems impact the game.

    Hey, at least it helps explain that Vickers drop.

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