News: Sturm: Email Bag: Running to Win or Running after Win?

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    Email Bag: Running to Win or Running after Win?

    ... I love advanced metrics. I love statistics. I love thinking about new ways to strike down old myths.

    I love all of these things, so what you are about to read may be problematic.

    In baseball, if I read something from Fangraphs, I generally am not fact-checking. I take them at their word because they immerse themselves in baseball all summer long. I don't. I immerse myself in baseball for 3 hours at a time, but certainly not for weeks or months at a time like those dudes.

    But, football? That's my jam.

    So, I want to read your theories and your premises, but they have to pass my tests of observation and study. I am watching football nearly 12 months a year and almost every day inside those 12 months in some form or fashion.

    I want to hear your statistical study, but I am also attending a coaching clinic, talking to scouts, and watching film on my own...
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