Sturm: Josh Brent, lack of NT is reason for Sunday failure to stop run

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 3, 2013.

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    kind of a crazy question, if Brent ends up getting off of all the charges save DUI, any chance he comes back with a few game suspension? And if so, would the organization have him back?
    If all that happened and I'm Jerry, I would have to think "I'm pretty sure he learned a hard lesson and probably won't do it again, also pretty sure he sign for cheap and anchor our DL" If teams and the NFL gave others second and third chances....Little, Stallworth, Vick, etc....
    Anyway, just tossing the hypothetical out there for discussion.....
  2. Shinywalrus

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    Every. Team. In. The. NFL. Does. This.

    If you think otherwise, you just don't pay attention to other teams.
  3. LatinMind

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    Doubt it. With the way the defense is set up. Lissemore is still gonna get his snaps. Dallas will pick a DE in the 1st round before a NT.
  4. xwalker

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    If he plays again, it would be much better for the team and for Josh Brent if he played for another team.

    The Dallas and National fans/media would be relentless if he plays for the Cowboys again; however, the Bengals or Raiders fans/media would welcome him with open arms.
  5. xwalker

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    I agree. I don't get the obsession with drafting an NT in the 1st.

    You can get another player equal to Josh Brent as a mid-level Free Agent or later in the draft.

    It's highly doubtful that you can get a stud pass-rushing DLineman later in the draft or for a reasonable cost in Free Agency.

    The Cowboys only play at true 3-4 with an NT about half of the time and sometime less. Also, they often have a rotation at NT.

    Why put such premium resources into a position that is only on the field for half of the defensive snaps or less?
  6. sacase

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    I like Jessie Williams dude is a beast!
  7. jterrell

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    you apparently never heard of the 90's Cowboys.
  8. jterrell

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    Dallas would be absolutely insane to release Josh Brent. It would be like cutting Leon Lett for failing a drug test.

    He showed tremendous NFL value.
    Assuming he faces 1 yr in jail (which is really ~6 months) and is out in say September 2013 this team can't ignore having that value on the roster at that price tag. Especially if he is simply suspended half a year and can practice with the team early and again my mid-season.

    If the Raiders want him, they can give us a 3rd or 4th round pick for him.

    Whatever Brent gets legally assigned will almost assuredly include a breathing device on his car and mandatory alcohol testing as part of the probation.

    No one is suggesting he has ever been a bad guy. Merely that he binge drinks and then drives. Going to be pretty hard for him to do that if he could ever bring himself to anyway after this severely life changing incident.
  9. Double Trouble

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    You mean perhaps the most talented team in history that destroyed itself once it lost its disciplinarian? Good call.
  10. LongSnapper

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    Talk about kicking a dog If this team lost because of a nose tackle then they should have never been in the running to begin with. Did he not see that swing pass to the dump off man?
  11. LongSnapper

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    BTW Josh Brent doesn't deserve a job in the NFL and I dont want to see the guy ever again on this team
  12. sbark

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    for sure huh...... should be sent to the "water" prison in Chapaquidik, Mass---there are those who have done as bad or worse, and yet were allowed to rejoin society without any rehab.
  13. LongSnapper

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    This isn't 1969 and your hate for a Kennedy has little to do with being a Dallas Cowboy. But go on and make a classless argument I suppose.
  14. silver

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    right? cant come up with a single player from today's Cowboys who would crack the line up on the 1992 version. Not even Witten.
  15. Clove

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    We've needed to do that since Ferguson left, but some genius thought it was a good idea to use an undersized speed rusher at that position. So a few years later, he's about broken down from getting beat down on so much.

    Just ready to go back to a 4-3.
  16. rwalters31

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  17. big dog cowboy

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    Talk about revising history.
  18. jterrell

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    you must be young. either that or so old you can no longer process info.

    under jimmy the team was absolutely ape off the field.

    he worked them hard and had no issue that they partied harder. the "white house" days came under jimmy and merely continued after he left.

    the team didn't self-destruct it was bought in free agency. irvin's injury was probably the single biggest blow but every decent back up was overpaid in free agency and left us almost void of young talent.
  19. jterrell

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    His point stands. Brent deserves no worse punishment than is the standard in the state of Texas for the offense.

    It is generally a long and expensive probationary period following a short jail sentence.

    How you feel about it is absolutely meaningless. It is a legal issue so what matters is the legal precedents.

    No one is asking you to go out and buy a jersey. But this isn't dog fighting or child molesting. This is driving intoxicated which almost every adult has been guilty of at some point and 99% haven't ever killed anyone. It is a terrible tragedy and he deserves the pay the standard price... which include financial renumeration for the Brown family provided he can actually make a living still.
  20. JohnsKey19

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    If Ratliff is indeed cut, we're gonna be paper thin up front. I think it's a lock we sign a starting NT in free agency.

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