Sturm - Marinelli Report - Aaron Rodgers

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Sturm1310, Jan 11, 2017.

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    Yeah, a homerish slant to be sure, but not bad considering. :cool:

    The Pack will be focused on Irving for sure this game, time for the other DL to take advantage.
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    Not giving Byron Jones enough credit on that second play. Showed great closing speed to make a great pass deflection. Even if the ball was placed out a little more in front of Cobb, Jones likely would've been able to contest it.

    Definitely a stretch to say Rodgers missed that throw.
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    Sturm is Green Bay Packers fan. Has been his entire life. Won't bother reading what he has to say this week.
  4. Sturm1310

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    "Won't bother reading this week." I don't get this, but I suppose I shouldn't try. If you would read my stuff for 19 years, find it objective, fair, and enlightening from week to week, but heaven forbid we play the team where he is from....

    I would be more concerned with those who don't admit they have other interests in life. Not those who have been upfront about it and it has never affected their work. But, that's just me. :(
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    This...the Giants possessed the ball for only 6 of the first 28 minutes of the second half...and the last drive ended in a turnover...none of those second half drives were more than about 2.5 minutes long. 6 short fields on which to work was also pretty inspiring for the GB offense...let alone turnovers, dropped balls and head-scratching penalties. Rodgers is probably the last quarterback you want to give a handicap to for the final thirty minutes of game in which you trail.
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    It's okay Bob, you can't please everyone, especially this week. :flagwave:
  7. CowboysWillRise

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    One thing I will say in our favor is those good defenses that failed against Arod also happen to have trash offenses, consequently they spend alot of time trying to defend Arod and not nearly enough time off the field. If our offense does thier job we can limit his opportunities.
  8. xwalker

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    I read and listen to you (Sturm) often. I've never sensed any bias in your reporting in regards to the Cowboys and Packers. In fact I've wondered if you are as big a fan as you were when Farve was the QB. I assume that you are, but it seems that your love of analysis has almost overtaken your fan emotion.

    I know personally that when I started to focus on analyzing games on DVR and later All-22 that I became less emotional after loses. I'm actually much more obsessive about analyzing the Cowboys after they lose than after they win.

    There is another thread here where somebody mentions you as the only person they consider a true journalist in regards to people covering the Cowboys. I find that great but also sad that all the horde of media covering the Cowboys can't contribute more than a guy doing his side job or hobby in regards to your print media work.
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    Bob -- For the record I think you are pretty much the bomb.
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  11. DFWJC

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    Go get 'em
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  12. Doomsday

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    How many points did the Packers score, minus the lucky hail mary, before and after Cromartie got injured?
  13. StillLife

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    Good analysis, Sturm. Thanks. That was a good read...and I did not pick up on any bias (I read that before reading this thread).

    It's simple: Rodgers is playing the QB position as well as we've ever seen. That's based upon the statistical analysis and the eye test. The Cowboys' best defense will be its offense - i.e., they have to run the ball, eat clock, and not turn it over to keep #12 off the field.
  14. perrykemp

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    Wasn't it all of them? I thought DRC got hurt pretty much right away.
  15. Clove

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    Good thing the game is actually won on the field and not paper.
  16. StillLife

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    Yes. We also lost Jordy early. So they lost a good DB and we lost our best WR before any points were scored.
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    Haha Bob this is the internet. Someone always gonna be hatin'. A lot of love enjoy your work though so keep truckin'.

    GB has a habit of starting slow though. And their defense is not good.

    If we can score 17-20 in the first half, we'll win this game.
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    yeah too long, and on top of that we are the last game of weekend !
    They save the best for last, this is the best game of the playoffs up to this point.
    If Seattle Atlanta game was on at same time, most would be watching our game.

    IT is exciting, makes me nervous, and I just hope our team plays good and wins.

    I think Dak will be prepared for this game, preparation is one thing he excels at.
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  19. FuzzyLumpkins

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    With Claiborne back, Rodgers will not have faced a secondary as deep and talented all year long. The Giants were without DRC which was a huge blow for them.Their OT are better than their OG and our interior rush should be able to get in his face at a decent pace.

    Cobb is a deep threat certainly but this defense just doesn't give up big plays. They don't run the ball. Cook doesn't concern me. Combine that with Nelson being out and I like our defense's chances.
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    I think your stories will be slanted favorably to your favorite team. Those who read the article felt it leaned that way. Why would I as cowboy fan even entertain that. I wont.

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