News: Sturm: Morning After: Cowboys get win where everyone chipped in

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    November 12, 2012

    While I cannot imagine that game will ever be given the coveted "instant classic" designation, the result for the Dallas Cowboys was exactly what they needed. A road win against a team that is even more hopeless than they are. A team with perhaps more drama. And more veterans who may or may not have inspired efforts ready. And a coach that is certainly not enjoying his final days at his post.

    There won't be many opportunities for wins like this - A team just begging to be put to sleep if only you would oblige them. But, you take your wins how you find them along the way and you move along. The Cowboys now have a record of 4-5 and thanks to the rest of the NFC East having equally frustrating seasons, they now see hope and a potential winning record in just 11 days time.

    It wasn't easy. It never is with this bunch. But, finally, in the late afternoon in Philadelphia, we saw "all 3 phases" of the team pitch in and make plays that found a victory in a place where that never comes easily:

    OFFENSE - On this day, the theme was simple. Philadelphia was going to get their pass rush going at the expense of a Dallas offensive line that is just not at the quality it needs to be. They can not run block with any amount of consistency, and when an opponent decides they want to bring pressure against the Cowboys front, they are seemingly defenseless. As the 2nd Quarter began, the Cowboys offensive line started to cave in at all of the wrong times. We knew the Eagles rush was not as bad as their results this season, as they appear to have an advantage at pretty much every spot up and down the line against Dallas.

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    Dallas needs to play like that for the remainder of the season.

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