News: Sturm: On Play Calling, Norv, and Physicality

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 3, 2013.

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    I realize that today is normally reserved for the defensive breakdowns, but I have decided to hold off until tomorrow (what is the rush, really, with the next game in about 9 months?) so that we may discuss the Cowboys "news of the day" and speak on something I am being asked quite a bit about.

    Yesterday, on his radio show Jerry Jones offered the following quote: "I can assure our fans this, that it's going to be very uncomfortable from my standpoint, it's going to be very uncomfortable for the next few weeks and months at Valley Ranch," Jones told KRLD FM.

    So, what could this mean? What is he talking about? Certainly, given that every team has to change every year in the NFL with free agency and the draft, we are left to assume that he is exercising his right to be a blowhard or that he has big changes in a "non-player" sort of way.

    From there, we can assume he has no plans on relieving himself as general manager, and we will work our way down the organizational depth chart.

    Is it time for new head coach at Valley Ranch? 40 games into his tenure for the Dallas Cowboys, Jason Garrett is 21-19 as head coach, which is a record that must be considered roughly break-even from a standpoint of rating that sort of record either under-performing or over-achieving. He took over a team that appeared to possess 8-8 talent and has kept them at roughly that level while turning over quite a bit of the roster.

    I would not argue hard against the firing of Jason Garrett provided it was to turn the team over to a certain type of coach that could be seen as more of an organizational architect. That could be defined a number of ways, so let me clearly explain that to me that is the top tier of expensive, leverage-possessing coaches who could demand and receive a certain level of authority that is rarely afforded to a coach of the Cowboys. Since Jimmy Johnson, this was only given to Bill Parcells - a man who did not take over every responsibility when he was here, but he had the guts to say whatever was on his mind and only deferred to his boss when he wanted to.

    Read the rest:
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    Now this is a good article. Whether or not you believe in it or not.

    I'm not a fix the OL or else guy but I think it needs work. I do believe you have to run effectively or you lose too much play book and make yourself too one dimensional. You have to force the D to defend the entire field.

    I'd like to see Garrett bring in an OC committed to running the ball more.
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    I agree with the article and your thoughts on it too. Heck, I'd vote to make Bob the GM at this point, he seems to have a more thoughtful structured approach to his points than GM Jerry does.
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    He makes a good point on the physical play of this team. I disagree with the direction that the team is going for that very reason. Romo wouldn't be put in a position to choke if some of the pressure was taken away by a good running game.
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    What is he talking about?

    Doesn't he know that waiting until the last second benefits the Cowboys by giving Romo time to read the defense?
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    The only thing Bob failed to recognize properly is that the OL had health issues all year long. He mentioned a healthy unit, but that wasn't the case when Cook was traded for because the team wasn't confident in Arkin.

    The only player that didn't have an injury was Free, but everyone else experienced some sort of injury that affected their play or caused them to miss some time.

    We barely had the intended group play together this season or in the TC/preseason.

    We need some obvious upgrades and depth for sure.
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    It's not like defenses doesn't shift around in the last few seconds anyways.

    It's not like some of that falls on Romo for changing the play at the last possible second either instead of just running the first one.

    When you give the ability to change the play at the LOS to your QB, the OC is empowering him with alot of responsibility.

    It's funny how we employed a complex snap count early in the season, but that went by the wayside when the OTs (mainly Free) couldn't get it right.
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    He is basically saying what many have been saying here on the forum. JG's offense is predictable, confused, and all finesse.

    We need to run more like he has mentioned. Then again what does Sturm know about football, there are some poster here that says running is irrelevant to wining or losing.
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    ...the primary ingredient to winning in the league. Passing is.

    With that said running does gain the tough yards, can be used to set the tone, and opens up the passing game by forcing defenders to consider more offensive possibilities.
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    Amen to that.

    Injuries aren't an excuse either. It's not like the Oline blew every assignment this year.

    Heck they did pretty good against Washington.

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    To be honest, I never liked the idea of Norv coming back because his offense doesn't really fit our QB. Norv's is a timing offense. You need a strong armed QB using 3 and 5 step drops to run that offense and that's not Tony. Tony's skills reside in his ability to throw off balance, from different angles and to use his agility to create outside the pocket and extend plays. That's not what Norv's offense is designed to do. His is to be on time all the time. It won't work so I see no reason to bring it to Dallas unless the plan is to start over at QB and I don't think that's what the tea leaves indicate.

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