Sturm on the OG situation

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RS12, Aug 21, 2013.

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    You've done a ton of work on this, and I think without a doubt you've shown that teams that win the first half are more likely to win the game. Getting off to a strong start in a game offensively helps you win more games, because it means you have more points. While this gives the defense the advantage of a cushion, the data sure seems to show that playing with a lead didn't improve their performance on any given drive last year. By scoring more points, you've improved your team's chances of winning, but improving your team's chances of winning isn't the same as improving the performance of your defense. Maybe with a greater sample size, we'd see some defensive improvement. With a greater sample size of Dallas playing with leads, we'll see more wins either way.
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    Sturm must absolutely hate the Seahawks this year. They're currently the epitome of the "You can find guards anywhere" philosophy.
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    Thanks Jerry! He won't be starting against the Giants, but soon enough!
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    There are so many that have put in so much analysis into this and I respect every single one of them.
    My crux of the matter is like Chess- when you get ahead early, it makes your strategy to keep what you got so much easier while your opponent has to consider more maneuvers to out-wit you.

    But all-in-all- if you can make the game simple (going into the 2nd half winning usually does that)- you win more often than not since your opponent has no choice but to gamble more than they'd like.
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    Down by 14 early means about 15% chance of winning at home.
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    Leary/Waters with Berny as the swing guard is good in my book actually deep too. I get the same feeling at OT with Smith/Free and Parnell as the swing. What the hell even C with Fredricks and Costa this actually looks like a strong point on the team quality starters with good depth
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    Again 2deep3
    I can't see why comparing teams that swim in the same pool as we do aren't relevant? It's our competition and who we compare too.Pointing out the holes of our competition shows all teams are struggling
    with these problems because of the limited resources available. The top flight teams are better at filling those holes true. We're not top flight.

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