Sturm: The Morning After: Broncos 51, Cowboys 48 (2-3)

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Oct 7, 2013.

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    There may never be a more absurdly amazing game ever played in that sun-drenched, indoor stadium than the one that was witnessed on October 6, 2013.

    It will be measured as a simple loss for many, in a season where they have now lost 3 out of 5 out of the gate, and are on their way to what could be another season that finishes at the break-even record of 8-8.

    But, those people would be missing the many elements of one of the most unique sporting events most of us will ever witness.

    All losses are not created equal, nor are their effects equally felt. There are, contrary to the win-demanding portion of the fan base that still believes Dallas to be a favorite to win the Super Bowl every season, defeats that can offer hope for what lies ahead.

    And I believe that October 6, 2013 - otherwise known as the day Peyton Manning and Tony Romo put on a show for the ages - is a game in which this Dallas team may have learned their true identity moving forward.

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  2. xwalker

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    +1 Great points. Time to take off the training wheels on this offense and see if we can out score our opponents. This defense isn't getting any better anytime soon.
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    This has to be the new identitiy. They have to go into each game thinking that they have to score 30+ points to have a chance. They need to go downfield early and often. We saw yesterday how this offense has to play.
    If the defense starts holding it's own, they maybe the offense can dial back later on in the second half of games. But starting out, they need to grab a lead, and keep building on it on the assumption that the defense can't hold up.

    Assume your in a track meet every week. It's the only way they can win right now the way this defense is playing. The Saints have played this way ever since Brees signed with them. This is how Romo has to play.
  5. TTJJ

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    this HAS to be the mindset moving forward.
  6. SDCowboy85

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    Agreed. The time for the safe offense is over. Time to go petal to the metal from here on.
  7. Aven8

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    Two things about this.

    1. We should have already known this after last season. Although we played from behind the majority of last year, we were always able to come back because of what we have on offense. Now with the improved Oline, we have the ability to attack from the start of games and not fall behind.

    2. The dink and dunk game should have reared it's ugly head at the end of this game. There is a place for it in this offense. Had we ran the ball, dropped it off to Murry, things might have turned out differently. It comes to coaching IMO. He must talk to Romo about making the safe throw in that instance. Although he had been slinging it all over the field all day, that was the time to take a deep breath and take the calm, methodical approach.
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    They better start firing on all cylinders. Im not happy about the loss or find any moral victories. But i do think they should see what this offence is capable of and play up to their capabilities going forward.
  9. mahoneybill

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    Payton is very good, but not as great as he is given credit for. He too has shown to be vulnerable to mistakes, and took awhile to achieve his now revered status.

    He's on a team that plays quick, focused, and has a great chemistry with his receivers. Several of those throws yesterday where to off positions or spots, that they have perfected in practice.

    A great game, and one where I was proud of the way the Cowboys hung in there in spite of the Defensive struggle.
  10. dallasdave

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    I know I felt like the" morning after", after watching the game Sunday.
  11. Future

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    Uh, yea...ok? Peyton is the best QB in the league and its not even close right now.

    I dont know what about his 1 INT this year has shown that he's vulnerable to mistakes.
  12. Iago33

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    You haven't noticed how a segment of the fan been as reacted to one interception from Romo. Some people have crazy expectations.
  13. dallasdave

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    One awesome game to watch, great offense.

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