News: Sturm: The Morning After: Cowboys 44, Bills 7 (5-4)

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 14, 2011.

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    Something very important has happened with the Cowboys over the last few weeks.

    No. The important occurrence was not the 44-7 thumping of Buffalo and a rather underwhelming, but commanding win over Seattle. Although, those wins were both imperative and necessary and have the Cowboys off to a nice start in this stretch where they would play 5 very beatable opponents and would need to go 5-0 to have a chance at the NFC East entering the final stretch in December.

    No. The important occurrence was not the continuing breakout and dominance of rookie RB DeMarco Murray. Although his 4-game stretch in games that he has started since Felix Jones went down in New England is easily the best yardage total of any 4-game stretch of any Cowboys Running Back EVER. Murray has 601 yards in 4 starts, and as a reference point, Emmitt Smith's biggest 4-game yardage pile is 550 yards from 1993. Nobody is saying that Murray is Emmitt, but, um, we must be saying he is pretty good.

    No. The important occurrence was not Tony Romo finally resembling the QB that he has been since 2006 with a nearly perfect passing performance against the Bills. Only Peyton Manning and Tony Romo have a streak of the last 5-straight years of over a 90 passer rating. He is sure to make it 6 in a row, it would seem, now that he has bounced back from his broken rib/punctured lung episodes from Week 2 and finally looks the part of a QB who is in charge of his offense.

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    Great article... As always.
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    i hope that garrett does not revert back to being conservative this week against the skins. since this is the first road game since the blowout loss to the eagles. i really believe that skins will throw everything they have at the cowboys this week. this will be there superbowl.
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    according to Sturm we scraped Zone blocking to go back to man to man. Which kind of makes sense as regards Costa; he is not able to move quickly lateraly; so straight up fixating on a guy he needs to block apparently works better. Holland of course is also much better at man blocking. So I guess that makes sense.
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    Dare I say...direction?
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    Sturm is correct, but it's not like he uncovered some "revelation" all of a sudden. Many of us have known all along that, with few exceptions, the problem has not been Tony Romo and Felix Jones. It's been the stinking O-line.
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    Great article....
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    Sturm is one of the best. I wonder how much of the play-calling and trust that is thrust back onto the offensive line is due to Romo being healthy again? A healthy Romo makes the offensive line look much better due to his elusiveness.

    Sturm brings up a good point about Garrett calling plays to keep the game close and hope for something in the end. It shows that Garrett perhaps did a great job of keeping Romo upright for the stretch run. If that really is the case, it's a sneaky long-term strategic outlook that Garrett has despite his very vocal stance of one game at a time, one practice at a good in all three phases.
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    We could go into this game with a playbook of three running plays and beat the Skins.

    They just lost to Matt Moore, for crying out loud. They're beyond cooked.
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    ......And there were those of us that knew it was a problem with those over-paid, under-acheiving fat tubs they just got rid of. Davis stunk when he got here, Gurode is a moon rock mentally and Columbo's knees were shot 5 years ago but no one told him.

    We have a talented bunch of young guys that will get their ***** handed to them once in awhile. Not every game mind you, but that in itself tells us we do have talent there. They'll develope better techniques, foot work and learn to use each other effectively. All other things will feed of of that and as that happens......prepare yourselves to be impressed.........consistently.

    Romo has earned every penny of his contract, IMO. I hope he gets to reap the rewards of a good offensive line.
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    Wasn't Matt Moore supposed to be the next great Cowboy QB find?
  12. Seven

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    No. More along the lines of a good backup/developemental QB was the word, on this board anyway.

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