Sturm: this is a stark reminder of how far they must go to fortify the roster

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Matts4313, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. unsportsmanlikeconduct

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    Oh, I forgot you were in the locker room and know everything that happened. Where's Jerry's speech now?
  2. 17yearsandcounting

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    It was widely reported. Again, you dont remember or know what you are talking about.
  3. FiveRings

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    I understand fans being upset over the loss, but did our roster need fortifying when we hung in there against the Broncos and put up 50? We simply got out coached last night, a toddler could have dialed up blitzes against Callahan's play calling. Vanilla
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  4. Zman5

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    Typical JG's stupid crap. Mr. Tecmo Bowl can't coach himself out of a paper bag.
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  5. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Cannot take criticism?

    Sturm basically said you cannot know what you are claiming about game planning and play calls because you don't have enough information. He was right.

    And if you watch the game several times every week, break down the plays by formation and other splits and then compile said data for the entire year then I agree that he watches the game 'just like us.' We both know that few if any of us do that. Then we can talk about the access he has to VR and all of the players coaches and FO types.

    Sturm is in a much better position to know than any fan.
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  6. TwoDeep3

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    Hello Fuzzy, nice to see you again.
  7. FuzzyLumpkins

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    I am just applying the principles of your sig in a generalized fashion. You find you don't like it?

    Sturm's access and effort in analyzing the Cowboys far outstrips almost all fans and we as fans are still woefully out of the loop to be making the gross qualitative statements about playcalls and gameplans that we do.
  8. texbumthelife

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    Great post.
  9. windward

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    Or have exceptional luck regarding health. But that is certainly not a strategy.
  10. Beast_from_East

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    Orton playing position?

    You do realize that as long as the defense is giving up 700 yards and 40 first really does not matter who plays QB.
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  11. EPL0c0

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    But that's Jerry's way. There is no rebuilding, there is no player development. It's a leaky roof and Jerry running from leak to leak with pots in his hand dealing with the leaks but not fixing them.
  12. texbumthelife

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    I am not happy with Romo, but I fear for the sake of my remote, and my remotes clone children, if they play Orton... A game with Orton at the helm, in my house, would be like a bouncy castle with 12, 16 year old boys after a case of Jolt Cola expressing their feelings inspired by Office Space.
  13. coogrfan

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    That's what you took away from that article? Seriously?
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  14. rat2k8

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    Let me translate this for you. He is saying draft a new owner.
  15. unsportsmanlikeconduct

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    You do realize 3 and outs dont help the defense, or that the offense needs to outscore the other team to win.
  16. unsportsmanlikeconduct

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  17. dropdeadfred5

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    You DO realize expecting any offense to score 30+ points a game is really stupid right? And that is what the O would have to do right now to make up for the D.
  18. jobberone

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    Well, that's unsportsmanlike, pun intended.
  19. jobberone

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    They put another bizarre game plan together that seems incapable of mixing passes and runs, and you almost wonder if they are trying to find comedy in the extremes that they put out there. First, last week, it was the highest pass/run ratio in NFL history with a 6:1 ratio, then this week they ran on 9 of their first 12 plays and 11 of their first 15. This served as an example of running the ball, yes, but it also did not allow Tony Romo and the passing game to attempt passes on consecutive plays until the game was over 25 minutes old with 4:19 left to go in the 1st half. Did this not allow them to find a rhythm until the game was already turning into to a track meet where you either keep up or get blown out?

    To further add to the confusion, they seemed to be doing just the opposite of what has worked in freeing up Dez Bryant from the clutches of double teams. For instance, it seems that when the Cowboys roll out 4 WRs, that the defense has to either loosen up Dez or get gashed underneath by Beasley and Williams. So, why then, did the Cowboys have 1 or 2 WRs on the field on 15 of the first 17 snaps in those first 4 possessions? Did they want Dez completely locked down? Because James Hanna is not going to change the convictions of a defense, that is for sure.

    This one has wings. I understand what they wanted to do but it was flawed. I said before the game he would want to run to slow Brees et al down and win TOP. But you can't do that with this defense. You must score at a high Sc% and take the ball away. This defense is going to give up TDs too fast to allow you to win a TOP game period much less against a team like NO. Bad, Bad, Bad idea coach.
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  20. Yakuza Rich

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    The injuries on defense are extraordinary. The only injuries on defense I can see the organization to blame for are Ratliff, Lee and Claiborne. Ratliff probably should have been released. Lee can't be trusted health wise and Claiborne represents one of the major flaws of our personnel decision making...we favor expensive 'cover corners' who can't tackle. And when they can't tackle, they'll eventually be forced to because other teams are smart and will target them. And then they get injured because they don't like to tackle.

    The CB position is prone to injuries anyway, so you're better off as a team finding bigger, more physical corners that are not as costly and taking that money to spend it on better safeties who cost less and have less perceived value in the draft. Also, we traded up to get Claiborne and lost a 2nd round pick in the process.

    I guess what puzzles me is why Jerry is so afraid to go back to what like crazy and acquiring picks in the draft. He seems to have always relied on things that worked in the past, even if they have not worked for the past 10 years...yet it is that unwillingness to trade down in the draft is what made those Cowboys teams and now we have very little interest in doing so outside of once every few years.

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