Sturm: X's and O's Breakdown: Who Busted Sunday?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Kilyin, Sep 27, 2012.

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    This week, on the Xs and Os breakdown in the film room, I have decided to get to the bottom of the demoralizing moments that happened over and over again on Sunday - the negative plays.

    And, I had to narrow that down, since there were so many negative plays in the game. In fact, if you can believe this number, 31 of the 63 offensive plays resulted in 1 yard or LESS. That is shockingly and amazingly pitiful.

    However, I didn't want to look at 31 plays, so I boiled it down to just focus on what was going on with the running game. Yes, there were 4 sacks, and that is a major concern, but I wanted to know why 1st and 10 was quickly becoming 2nd and 12 so often on simple, high-percentage run plays. So, these are the 7 - yes, 7 - negative runs that were from under center to DeMarco Murray that resulted in a loss of yardage. These 7 runs went for a total of negative 13 yards.

    We will identify the play and then try to see from looking from the end zone angle who got beat on the play. It will appear quickly that there is plenty of blame to go around. This can happen once or twice a game, but to see it 7 times (with 6 before halftime) tells us that the chemistry and continuity is just not there right now in 2012.
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    This can't be correct, because I keep reading here that Free is responsible for our bad line play. This makes it sound as if everyone, and not just Doug, is responsible. That can't be true, because I have read so here!

  3. Idgit

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    This was an awesome read.
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    Maybe our run plays needs to be simpler to make up for OL's lack of ability. More plays which they just line up and block the man in front. At least you hope for few positive yards instead of losing yardage all the time.
  5. Idgit

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    There are a mix of failures here. Several of these were players just getting beat at the point of attack. There's not much you're going to do there but work on technique.

    Other problems had to do with players not able to get where they're supposed to be, and some of that might have to do with recognition. It's also an area where the team happens to really like Phil Costa, so it's possible we might get some improvement there when he gets back into the starting roster.
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    That was a great breakdown by Bob. I pointed out some of these exact same plays and the exact same problems in my All 22 film review, so it's good to get some confirmation.

    However, I have one quibble with him on the run #1. IMHO, Murray should have just ran right up the back of Vickers to pick up a dirty 2-3 positive yards rather than try to bounce outside. Really, I think Murray was a little off his game on Sunday with his typical stellar vision and missed some lanes he typically doesn't miss. Broaddus said the same thing this morning in his review of the film, and Mickey said that Murray owned up to it as well.
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    The guy was getting hit in the backfield so much that I think his vision was taken over by survival mode. Romo gets like that too.....
  8. InmanRoshi

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    Things really didn't start to go downhill until the 4th quarter. The plays in particular I'm thinking off happened early in the game. I think the play I'm speaking to in particular in Bob's breakdown happened in the 2nd drive.
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    I agree with you that he "could have" easily gotten the dirty 2-3 yards, but I think the reason he kept trying to make a play by bouncing outside was because of his frustrations with the line. Murray is a playmaker and he wants to break free for a big run or two every game. I think he just felt that with the play of the line that breakout run wouldn't be happening so his frustrations led him to trying to create something out of nothing. I think the same could possibly be said for Romo and some of his boneheaded throws this season. Romo and Murray are a lot similar to me, despite playing different positions, and I can see them letting their frustrations get the better of them. Unfortunately, this O-line isn't giving them anything to be happy about.
  10. reddyuta

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    that was a brutal read,multiple breakdowns on a single play on many occasions.Murray is not going survive this onslaught if this keeps up.

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    So on running downs, the biggest whiffers are Bernadeau and Cook, and on passing downs, both Tyron Smith and Doug Free are getting beat.

    I think though that the tackles are getting overrun simply because the running game is not working. The defense knows they can always attack the tackles with a rush and they will get no G help.

    So most imperrative is to fix the woes on running plays. If that happens on the OL and we run better, the pass will be much better set up (to run or pass) which will give advantage back to the tackles.

    If I were Dallals I'd be getting Dockerey ready to play RG for the Bears in case we open the game and Bernadeau continuees to get pancaked.

    For now we have to live with Cook at C until Costa comes back (never thought I'd say that) because Costa - they say - is way better as a run blocker.
  12. InmanRoshi

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    I can buy the frustration and shell shock explainations if it's latter in the game and the accumulative effects of 2-3 quarters of ineffectiveness have taken their toll, but not in the first few series of the game. The runs I'm refering to happend in the 2nd series. I think Murray is just given a lot of lattitude to freelance and attempt the big play. Until the OL starts to build better cohesion and unity I think his focus should be more oriented towards getting 2-3 yards on every carry to keep down and distances manageable, and breaking the 50 yard run is gravy.
  13. Gaede

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    Great article.

    Really disconcerting how bad our line played though. And these are just the runs!

    On the other hand, I can see a little more clearly that Garrett shouldn't be target number 1. Cook, Bernadeau just got abused
  14. Wolfpack

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    I think I read that this game had the most TFL in Dallas history (7) and that most were in the first half. Bob's article mentions a few 1st Q plays I think.

    There is enough sink to go around no matter which way it went down. :(
  15. visionary

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    we could look at this in a positive or negative light

    if a significant part of this is a matter of really overmatched players lacking talent, then we are in a heap of trouble becasue the fix wont happen until the off season and this is another lost year

    if a significant part of this is that the players are at least adequate but just lack cohesion (since this is a new scheme) then, we may see improvement as the season wears on becasue if this actualy hapens, look out people because we have the talent at RB, QB, and WR to take advantage of it in a big way

    i am hoping it is the latter
  16. Bluestang

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    Look at the first play of the Cowboys possesion in the 3rd qtr. Murray missed a big time hole on the left side.
  17. CyberB0b

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    I think it is pretty damning, myself. We apparently got one of the best offensive line coaches in Callahan and spent a ton of money on the two guards. Costa/Cook is basically a wash at this point, and there is nothing you can say that will convince me that Costa would be a significant upgrade over Cook.

    Basically, we are outclassed just about every time we line up and snap the ball. No amount of coaching is going to fix the problems if the players are unable to execute their assignments.
  18. BLEU3ASY

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    Why does this happen on every post. There's always someone here saying "this can't be" or "i read it here". Why does everyone feel the need to say I told you so? Like a bunch of kids..
  19. fivetwos

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    I can't see how anyone is the least bit surprised at the current shape of this OLine.

    You can't win a fashion show by shopping off the discount rack.

    Jerry needs to get over a couple of things..

    1. Hiring a "name" OL coach isn't going to overcome garbage talent.

    2. Just because Tuinei and Newton were UDFAs who became pro-bowlers doesn't mean that can happen with anyone.
  20. Deep_Freeze

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    If you want to hear Free's name more, let him breakdown the pass plays instead of the run plays. Free has always been better in the run game than the passing game.

    Nothing surprising here at all, Cook struggles in the run game while a lil better in pass protection. Costa would be better in this analysis of course, cause the run game is the only one being considered here and that's Costa's strong suit.

    Overall they just need alot of work, hopefully we can get a win on Monday night then make some big decisions along the line during the bye week.

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