News: Sturm's Take on Melton Signing

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 19, 2014.

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    The Cowboys signed Henry Melton last night to a deal that appears to be a 4-year deal worth $29m, but with only 1-year and between $4-5m guaranteed. The particulars of the deal would certainly be called unique and having as much to do with Melton's knee injury and his pending litigation in Grapevine (which also happens to be his hometown) as it does with his ability.

    Let's get one thing straight, I have no idea what kind of a guy he is, and reports of him biting a night-club employee is somewhere between a red flag and another reason why professional athletes should do their drinking at their homes, but I am only here to discuss the football impacts of this signing and will leave the psychological profiles to the field of willing and capable writers.

    But, when we sat here a year ago and saw the pending doom on the horizon, one of the pipe dreams that rolled down the hill was looking at the expiration of dominant defensive tackle Henry Melton at the end of the 2013 which would sync up perfectly with the expiration of Jason Hatcher and Anthony Spencer's deals.

    Let's talk about Melton the player. For me, he is a very versatile player who can do a lot of things. In fact, if you go back to his 2009 draft, he was considered a candidate to move to OLB in a 3-4 and was sort of a find because his college team-mate Brain Orakpo was getting attention out of Austin. They would look at Orakpo on film and Melton, despite playing only a year at DE in college, jumped off the screen and on to the radar.

    He was just so quick inside and his ability to chase down plays is exactly what Marinelli and Kiffin stress in their defensive line meetings (click here to read more on that). Look below at #69 who is lined up as the 3-technique and ultimately chases down Russell Wilson in the open field - something that is notable for a defensive tackle:

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    I think he is Jay/Jeramy/Jeremiah/Jermaius Ratliff-lite. That is my opinion.
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    I believe the fan base here and Sturm in his blog overrate Melton fairly mightily... a vice that will likely be quickly remedied with him as a Cowboy.

    Basic grass is greener stuff.

    But Melton is a solid young DT who can play 3T for any team running this scheme.
    He wasn't worth the deal Hatcher got but he didn't get that deal.
    The 1 year 4-5m make good deal is perfect!
    It does give Dallas A (as in now 1) proven legit NFL starting DT.
    Price and age are right.

    Had we simply signed a 4 year 29m deal with 9 or so up front I'd have been against this deal.
    Too much risk. But this is a cap friendly, team friendly chance to play for Rod and show his 6.5 sacks per year were just the beginning.

    I do caution Cowboys fans to slow their roll and not expect 12 sacks next year... as many will.
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    JT, curious to know your take on whether you would still consider donald at 16 (if he is BPA but pure 3T) or consider jernigan or OL since we have donald (if we cant trade down)
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    From what I've gathered, Melton is a physical freak. I'm more concerned about his injury than his character. If he lost any of that freakness, he could be a disappointment. If he still has it, he could be a stud. Our one year test drive is a perfect deal.
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    I'm not expecting 12 sacks I am predicting a guy who is fast and strong who can penatrate up the middle and cause problems in the back field.
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    I'd absolutely consider Donald at 16.
    It makes me less desperate for a 3T to be sure but to me Donald is a top 10 player in this class.

    What it may make me far more likely to do is trade down even if Donald is on the board.
    I love the depth of this draft and if I am given all options I'd like to add 4 top 100 players.
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    This is spot on. I believe there is reason to be optimistic. With all our shortcomings, an average defense gets us to 10-6 last year.
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    why, will the rest of the nfc east pack it in just for us?
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    I don't need sacks from our 3-tech (6-7 would be fine by me). I will take "pressures" all day long though.
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    I agree. Get in the QB face and force them to get rid of the ball a click sooner than they want to
  12. ferrispata

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    And just be able to "flush" the QB out of pocket and into the waiting arms of DEs or LBs. Make him uncomfortable.
  13. Doomsday101

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    Thing is with Melton speed he can track you down. Melton is a guy who has impressed me, as Longhorn fan I have seen a lot of him and to see a guy who showed agility and quickness enough so to play RB yet moves to DE and DT and did well enough to earn a trip to the Pro bowl in his 1st 4 season in the NFL is pretty damn impressive.
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    Yup. Making the QB uncomfortable, making him force throws. That's how teams like Seattle do it.

    You don't need a sack on every play. You just need disruption.
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    We had an average defense with Ryan, but nowhere near the turnovers this defense gave us. How is that guaranteed?
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    Bingo. People get fascinated with sacks, but they often are a reflection of the defense as a whole. Demarcus Ware last season didn't fit this defense(after all the injuries). He was a pure edge rusher on a team without any inside push. That means a qb can simply step up in the pocket to avoid him. Jason Hatcher has been great for the Cowboys the past two seasons. That said though Melton brings a different style to Dallas, if healthy of course. If they can land a big time pass rush DE in the draft this D-Line is in much better shape than most think. Love what Dallas has done so far.
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    Good thread discussion here.

    That pressure up the middle and helping collapse the pocket also leads to errant throws and INTs.
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    Demarcus Ware finished 7th in the entire NFL last year in "hurries" yet he sucked....

    People please stop posting things just to post them. Base it on some fact or stat or give what you say some meaning please.
    Melton is not improving our pass rush pressure from last year.
    Hatcher was elite in ALL pressure sacks.
    Sacks, hurries, pressures all correlate to each other.
    Melton is an immediate upgrade based on current roster and legit starter however.

    Henry Melton hurries:
    2012: 3
    2013: injured so less than 2.

    2011: Had at least 6 (which is steller for a DT)... site didn't track full season.
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    Our offense has to help out more. They were abysmal on 3rd down and that killed our already terrible defense.

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