suicide football league - anyone interested?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by BrassCowboy, Jul 28, 2006.

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    I was checking out some fantasy football sights and ran acroos this new thing. If you watch the pregame shows last year, you would see some of these announcers pick a team of the week. well there are leagues you can create and join and play this all year.
    Now trust me, it is not anywhere near as complicated as fantasy football is, and appears to be only as time consuming as those pick'em sheets your office workplace might hold weekly.

    there is two variations to how tha game is played, and I created a league using the newer variation. here is a quick rundown of how it is played: (when it says "when you pick a team", it is referring to the real NFL)
    Points leagues!!!
    When you pick a team, you will get the points they win or lose by. If they win by 14, you get +14. If they lose by 10, you get -10. Points are kept throughout the season and you can only pick each NFL team once. You will not get eliminated if you pick a losing team, just the negative points.

    To get more detail, rules and such, you can goto:

    I am asking any of you who may be interested in joining the league I created, just follow these steps:

    1. Go to
    2. Register for a SuicideLeague account, then login.
    3. Click 'Join Private League' link.
    4. Enter the following information:
    LeagueID: 186
    Password: cowboys

    Like I said, it is not like you have to attend any live drafts, this can be done on your own time, just like a pick'em league.

    Come Join.
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    Wow! I was thinking after reading the title that if you picked a team and they lost you had to kill yourself. Glad I read the thread.
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