Sunday Night Football: McPuke Has SuperBowl Moment And Reid Gets Ripped..

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Pick6TerenceNewman, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Pick6TerenceNewman

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    Wow! I am listening to and they have been ripping McNabb for him wasting 19 seconds right before the 2:00 minute warning in the forth quarter. WIP610 and Hugh Douglas were saying that McNabb looked winded and looked like he was going to have a SuperBowl moment, PUKE!

    Douglas ripped McNabb because he thought McNabb should of suck'd it up and ran at least two plays.

    Not to take all the blame, Reid is getting tar-feathered by the local media for his play-calling or lack there of.

    Wow! you guys think we have it bad? Well, just listen to and you will hear and enjoy the pleasures of an Eagles loss. It will get your day going. Highly recommended!
  2. CrazyCowboy

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    lol......gotta love it!!
  3. miamicowboy21

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    Listening to WIP after they lose is pure listening pleasure. Its like they've lost the last game of the season. Can't wait to hear the homer Eskin try to put a positive a spin on it.
  4. Elysium1983

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    610 WIP is a brutal, brutal station after an Eagle loss. That being said though, the hosts are also brutally honest to the Eagle fans. They will give respect when respect is due, particularly to the Cowboys or whomever. The Flyers may be the only sports team in the city that the station has any respect for as they don't rip them quite as bad.
  5. DaBoys4Life

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    Eagles suck!
  6. Pick6TerenceNewman

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    Yes sir! The fans and WIP610 are just killing the Eagles. Priceless!
  7. Pick6TerenceNewman

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    You won't get that! Eskin was on Sports Final here in Philly and ripped Reid for his play calling. He also said that the defense can't stop a Power-running game!
  8. Pick6TerenceNewman

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    Not this year, LOL! Flyers suck!
  9. BraveHeartFan

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    Well what are they supposed to say? McNabb did look winded, and it was even mentioned by Michaels on the commentary, and because of that they lost what would have been two plays worth of time. That can't happen.

    And then Reid...good Lord is he pathetic. He's a horrible play caller and the use of his first challenge was just plain stupid. You don't even do that in desperation cause it was CLEAR there was no shot of them over turning the first one. The second challenge I have no issue with cause I thought he had at least a decent shot of getting that one overturned.
  10. Elysium1983

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    Flyers are a team with some new, young defensemen. They're scoring, but still losing. Their PP is still just as effective as last year, and will only improve as Gagne and Briere work more and more together. Once their defense has time to gel, and Biron returns to being steady, they will be a force in the East. I definitely like the leadership they have on that squad.

    Back to the Eagles... I was not overly impressed with the Giants last night either.
  11. Yeagermeister

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    They should have won the second challenge IMO. The Jacobs did not have control of the ball when he crossed the goal line.
  12. dougonthebench

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    :starspin an Eagles loss is a GREAT DAY for COWBOYS fans!!:starspin
  13. Timbo2st

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    My patience is running thin with Reid. Just stupid clock managment and playcalling.

    Mcnabb, too. I mean he goes to Arizona every offseason to get himself in shape and it looks like it never pays off in crunch time. The Giants contolled the time of possesion 40-20. The eagles offense had the ball 90 seconds in the entire 1st quarter, HOW ARE YOU TIRED?????

    Also, the defense, just blows.
  14. AmishCowboy

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    I Disagree with that, they hardly ever give the Cowboys any respect it's just the opposite.
  15. CATCH17

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    If you are a Cowboy fan please don't make fun of other teams fans over reacting.
  16. Chief

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    Wanna trade defensive coordinators?
  17. Yeagermeister

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    Yeah too bad the Giants had to win
  18. catskillthunder

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    Couple of things here.

    In my opinion, I believe Reid threw the challenge flag to give his defense a rest. That could be the only possible reason why he would do that. It was so clear that Jacobs was down.

    Second, if Jacobs goal line fumble had been actually ruled a fumble on the field, I think they play would have been upheld. It was nearly impossible to see weather he had control or not upon crossing the plane with the angles that were provided. One thing is for sure, Jacobs had a ton of trouble holding onto the football and I suspect that more and more people will try rip the ball from him here on out.

    Lastly, McNabb was huffing and puffing like he had just ran 10 miles. I know football at that level requires endurance that I couldnt even imagine, but you have to put the team on your shoulders, suck it up and run the next play. You're the leader of that team and I for one wouldnt want to see my leader looking like he's about to die when the going gets tough. Somewhere, TO was looking at that and saying, "I told ya so"
  19. DallasDomination

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    Mcnabb had a good game!...He got winded But He was on target and was playing great. it was the Wr's that dropped tons of balls and the coaching staff that cost the eagles the game.
  20. Arch Stanton

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    So Philly have their own Randy Galloway and LBOH.

    I'm shocked. :eek:

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