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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboy4ever, Jul 16, 2013.

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    I called 1-800-directv and when the Voice mail prompt asked me what my issue was I said Cancel my account. I talked to a very nice lady and she was super happy to help me out.
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    You can always get "first row" seats bro
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    They offered it to me for a price....
    I had NFL Sunday Ticket since 1997. I paid $8.99 a month to have an account, used it for NFLST & pay per view movies.
    Did this until 2004, then got the regular TV packages.
    Since I been traveling the past few years, and was tired whenever it rain, the signal was lost. Also the person staying in my house, wanted to go with ATT U-Verse. I get home about once a month for a few days, so that was fine with me.

    So when I called to get the service back to where I could get NFLST so I could use on my mobile devices and laptop. The girl was very rude acting as if I was stupid. She would not do as I wanted. And she failed to explain the changes in service. So I canceled it. Everytime I try to explain this, I get more crap.

    Finally a person explained, they don't do the $8.99 service anymore, I must subscribe to a minimum package of $34 a month for 2 years, but I can get the NFL ticket free for this year.
    I told them that's not good enough. May call back to negotiate something, if they will.

    Customer service comes across as arrogant to me, when they didn't use to be.
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    I called last night I got it for free
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    I think next year DirecTV loses the exclusivity rights or something, which is why they are more than willing to offer it for free if you call. Rumor has it that the NFL may try to do games similar to a pay-per-view system where you pay a certain amount for specific teams/games every Sunday.
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    I know I shouldn't laugh, but I found this funny for some reason as I was visualizing the conversation.

    Are you enrolled in automatic debit payments? I think that's one of the reasons they offered it to me.

    I'll be honest: I didnt threaten to close my account. When the voice recording prompted me why I was calling I said "contract."

    When the representative got on the phone, I asked him when my contract expires (which was in September) and what the potential cancelation fee was). I then simply gave him the following backstory, which btw is true:

    I initially signed up for directv in 2 years ago primarily for the Sunday Ticket Only. Time Warner was the only other option at the time and not only did they not offer the Sunday Ticket, but they did not have NFL network as well. As time passed, Time Warner has finally made an agreement with the NFL to get the Red Zone channel as well as NFL Network, and Red Zone is only 6.99. Although I would miss getting every game, here in NY, the Cowboys are generally on TV as long as the Giants/Jets aren't playing simultaneously and being that I have student loans coming out of deferment, I'm just trying to weigh my options. I already have Time Warner for internet and with a cable package I would be paying less than what I'm paying for Directv now which includes Red Zone. I'm very content with Directv and not entirely happy with the fact that TWC has a monopoly in the northeast but that doesn't help me pay my student loans.

    I never mentioned canceling, just kind of poked around the idea in a sense by asking what the fees were. He then offered me the Sunday Ticket Max for $150 instead of $300 which I told him, that's a great deal and that I would take that. I also inquired about their internet which before I could begin, he quickly offered me another deal: Sunday Ticket Max for free as long as I renew my contract for another year thru July 2014.

    I've only been a DirecTV customer for 2 years, yet, he kept saying "I see here that you've been a loyal customer of ours for quite some time." I don't know if that has more to do with the fact that I'm enrolled in their auto debit program which guarantees them receiving their money or if they really consider 2 years a long time.

    The one catch though was that I was initially planning on turning directv off from Feburary to May to save a couple hundred bucks since that gap of sports is rather boring for me until basketball playoffs. Now I can't do that with the extension. But believe me, I'm more than happy.
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    Wow the guy called your bluff. Did they send you to retention or did you talk to a regular customer service rep. From what I remember when I did it, you say cancel my account and the computer sends you straight to retention. Those guys usually will accommodate you more.
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    I talked with a regular Customer Service Agent first and then she transferred me to someone to help cancel my account. I must say, he was very willing to be helpful to cancel, not so helpful in giving anything away. I kept saying, I just want the red zone channel but You guys only offer it with ST, and I don't want to pay 300 for that.. and he was like, ok, what date do you want me to cut this off.. we do not have any promotions for ST right now, so take it or leave it was his basic stance.
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    They already do this, at least they used to. Last I checked was the 2010 season and it was $42.99 or $44.99 a week. Since they lowered the price on the season package it may be less now. I think it stems from a lawsuit about 12-15 years ago about not being able to do a la carte games but I cannot confirm that.
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    It all comes down to who you talk to. I really can't afford it and called this year and they took 20 bucks off a month for 6 months. Plus, they extended the payments to 6 payments. So in essence its 6 payments of almost 20 bucks a month for Sunday Ticket. First time I called She put me on hold to talk to her boss and came back with I can extend you to 6 payments of 38 bucks. I was like that doesnt help and didnt take it. So I waited a few days and the second time I called the lady gave me a giggle and said this is the billing department. Obviously, that's where they send you when you call in. She said let me transfer you to someone who can help you. They were both really cool and it worked out.
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    Ask to speak with retention.
  12. Carharris2

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    I called and told the recording cancel. Then I told the retention guy I was canceling because it went out a lot due to weather. He gave me the ticket and some movie stations free and 20$ off my bill for a year.
    Also, in reguard to blacked out games, a dude I know had to travel from Cincinnati to louisville to watch the bengals when they were blacked out. He said his ticket was blacked out.
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    I just completed my yearly "dance" with Direct TV. Took me 2 calls this time. The first call, they were more then ready to cancel me out. I had to think fast to prevent that. The second call went more my way. I got the Ticket in HD for free plus $70.00 a month off my bill for 6 months, then $45.00 off for the following 6 months. Moral of the story....don't give up after the first call. Wait 5 minutes, call back, start the "dance" all over again with someone else.
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    Well I guess I can't dance....:)...Every time I called I was asked Why did I cancel...I tell them, they just say..oh, sorry to hear that you been a customer since 1997...but offer the same crap.
    Free NFLST if I sign a 2 year contract for a basic package.
  15. Risen Star

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    The only games blacked out on the ticket are the games you get locally. Getting the ticket means there's never a game you can't watch.
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    I didn't have as much luck. Tried two different reps and both were more than happy to cancel. They offers to drop from $225 to $175. That was "the best they can do"
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    I'm pretty sure this was a sell out issue being in Cincinnati. If a game does not sell out, the local blackout rules apply, whether you have ST or not. That is why he had to drive to Louisville, to get away from the local market.
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    I am also trying to get a genie for free... that will be tough
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    I don't believe that's entirely true. The Cowboy games should still be on FOX while the Texan games should be aired on CBS. Therefore you should still get both games even if they air simultaneously.

    The only catch would be if the Cowboys were hosting an AFC team in Dallas at the same time the Texans were playing. In that case the Cowboy game would be on CBS and you'd be screwed out of a Cowboy game. If the Texans hosted an NFC then that game would be on FOX. Those are the weeks you have to look out for.
  20. Risen Star

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    I do not believe you are correct. If the game is blacked out locally, you should get it on the ticket. It's not a local feed. I've had the ticket nearly 15 years and there has never been a game I couldn't watch.

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