Sunday was a great day for me!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by davidyee, Sep 18, 2006.

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    As some of you on the forum may know I took on the challenge of coaching a peewee football team this year.

    36 rag tag kids who have never played organized football before in their lives.

    This past Sunday we took the field against a team that had almost a thirty year tradition. They even brought out the old timer coach who the opposing team was named after in the inaugural kickoff ceremony.

    With a couple of underagers and kids green behind the ears we came from behind to win the game 12-6 on a rain soaked field with the temps around the mid thirties.:eek:

    With less than three minutes left we threw a screen pass that my son was complaining was open all day. He threw a crucial block from his WR position that would make have made even Keyshawn Johnson proud.

    Coupled with the Cowboys win that was the most fun I have had in a long time on Sunday.

    For any other fans of football I would highly recommend getting involved with local pop warner leagues. It was an eye opener for me, but so far well worth the effort.

    When I get a chance I will post some picks. I thought this was an acceptable topic since we are in the bye week and the Cowboys won.
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    Dave, this kicks butt. Add in the Cowboys victory and Sunday sounds extra special.

    I would love to coach peewee football one day. But my daughter is only 1 year old. I may have to wait abit. he he.

    Come to think about it, I better start watching soccer or field hockey.

    Do you have some photos? We'd love to see. 30 something degrees sounds cold ... esp for September. You guys gonna make it past Halloween in that weather?

    Always great hearing from you.
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    Coached Pee Wee Football for 8 years and loved it. Quit because of the parents and the politics that are involved with being part of one of the organizations. I loved the kids and coaching with the other coaches, and it was the most rewarding experience of my life. I highly recommend it. Great to hear you are enjoying it. Good luck and I hope you have a great season!!!:bow:
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    In our preseason game Nicholas went up against a girl and came back to the sidelines after she took him out of a play with a big block.

    He complained that he couldn't hit a girl. I told him to hit her, then offer her a hand to get up. If she was "fair" to the eyes he should then ask her out.

    His ears turned red after that, but he went out and blocked her on the few plays he was lined up on her side. After the guys in the locker room either gave him the gears over hitting a girl or trying to line up over her to get cozy with her.

    Your daughter may be on the field in eight years.

    We have another game this Sunday and I thought I would take some snaps of the game seeing as this board doesn't have a game to follow this weekend.
  5. davidyee

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    ...about the parents. I know what yo mean because I was involved in Hockey for many years and up here in Canada it's the national religion. You have to get away from stuff like that - it ruins it for the adults and more importantly the kids.
  6. davidyee

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    88 Likes Received is practice day and this morning we are waking up to frost on the ground. By the end of the season we will be playing in snow.
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    i played pee wee for 3 years and it was the best time of my life...even though we went 6-21 over that time period. good to see you are doing this right
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    Great Job on the Win!!!!

    It's important for kids to participate in organized functions. i.e. sports, band, etc..

    So Thanks for taking the time to coach this team. Even if they come out of this learning just 1 positive thing (whatever that might be). They've already come out ahead.
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    I understand the nonsense with the parents. I went to a basketball game with a buddy who's little brother was playing. I almost got into a fist fight with a fat old lady ... I guess she couldn't take the fact that her son stunk, and got PO'd at my jokes. ha ha

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