News: Super Bowl 10

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by bbgun, Sep 30, 2006.

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    Awesome. A game the Cowboys could and should have won by all accounts, so shouldn't be too painful to watch until the fourth, at least.

    I won't be dling it because of the size thing, but its good to know these things are becoming available.
  3. calico

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    I watched that game on DVD a few years ago and it is painful... I was a tickle in my daddy's sack when that game happened and it still hurts.

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    We should have won all 3 of the SBs that we lost. The refs certainly helped the other teams (Colts and Stealers) but we made our share of mistakes in them as well and it shouldn't come down to the refs making the difference. We lost all 3 by 4 points or less.

    If we had won just one of those games against the Stealers I'm sure those 70s teams would be viewed differently by the media.
  5. big dog cowboy

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    I've been saying this for years. One game would change everyones perception of the 70's. We did win the most games that decade which many don't know. Darn refs.
  6. Alexander

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    The referees weren't the problem in that Super Bowl, that was SB XIII.

    That game was much different. I honestly think we had the game in hand before Cliff Harris made the mistake of taunting Roy Gerela. Lambert's reaction fired everyone up and was a turning point.
  7. J-DOG

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    Super Bowl XIII was the game that was controversial to me.
    The Benny Barnes interference call was huge in that game. Terrible call and in today's NFL that call would be replayed endlessly it was so bad.
    Next play was run trap up the middle to Franco Harris for a 30 something yard td with the ref conviently blocking Charlie Waters to spring Franco for the td.
    Throw in Jackie Smith's drop and that Super Bowl was very win-able.
    Super Bowl X was as well but for different reasons.
    That was the season Dallas upset Minnesota with a play called the Hail-Mary, then they went to the Coliesum and beat the Rams 37-7 with Preston Pearson having a great game with 3tds.
    That's the season I became a fan of the Boys and have been ever since.
    I can still hear the theme music for Super Bowl X.
    Some things you never forget!
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    We would have a lot more guys in the HOF for sure!!!

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