Super Bowl Bound??????? Hahaha

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mcallen cowboy, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. mcallen cowboy

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    I will probably get punked out for this but come on, The Dallas Cowboys are supposed to be back. 2-a days are going well everyone is working hard, but what happened saturday night was a joke...

    I had plans to be at at bar-b-que with my wifes family and decided to leave early and rush home to see the new look cowboys, and man did i wish i would have stayed for free food and beer.

    I know it is only preseason, but is Bledsoe the answer? I think not he looks scared, the new offensive line is a joke, Flozel needs to get a mean steak going and start dominating, Torrin Tucker sorry but you need to cut this guy
    two holding penalities back to back he just got he ticket home...

    Demarcus"Ware was he" did not see him do a single thing, was not impressed
    lets hope he is not a ekuban in the making

    Chris Canty I guess his vision was still bothering him, he didnt do anything either, the defensive line had no pass rush and played with no heart

    Our new secondary didnt look good either Kurt Warner passed for over 151 yards and that was with T-New,Henry,Williams,Davis

    I know it is only preseason, but with all the pressure parcells puts on the team and players you would think they would get and just play so stay tuned as the "cowboys world turns".
  2. Dangerous Dave

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    You shouldn't be punked. After all, Dallas is 0-1 and it's obvious that the season is over. Everything you said is dead-on.

    You need to root for the niners, they won last night.
  3. silverbear

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    Go back the last 2 preseasons, and review the efforts the Boys turned in... here's a hint, this was the first, first preseason game in the Parcells era in which they scored a single point...

    The Cowboys ALWAYS stink it out in the first preseason game, largely because Parcells doesn't care enough about it to do any gameplanning... factor in the realization that these two teams meet again in October, when it COUNTS, and you could pretty much guaran-d*mn-tee that you wouldn't see a good effort last night...

    Last night was ALL about evaluating personnel, and believe it or not, much progress was made in that area... some guys basically played themselves off the team, some radically improved their chances of sticking around...

    The final game of preseason will be much the same thing, the coaches will only play the starters briefly, and the "bubble" players will be given extensive auditions... it's these next 2 ballgames that are most important to the preparation for the regular season...

    If you think the Cowboys team you saw last night is the Cowboys team you'll see come the start of the regular season, you're seriously deluded... that's not to say some serious, legitimate problems weren't revealed last night, but some of those problems will be fixed before the regular season kicks off... for one thing, I expect a MUCH better offensive line than we saw last night (and I expect to see a starting RT who isn't on the roster right now)...

    I mean, that offensive line has three players who have played in the last 2 Pro Bowls... the talent is there (though I wondered when they named Sparano the offensive line coach if he was suited for the job, and I still wonder that)...
  4. jackrussell

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    Passing up free food and beer would have us question your credibility not only as a man, but as an American as well.
  5. BrAinPaiNt

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    :lmao2: :lmao: :bow:
  6. zrinkill

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    :lmao2: :lmao:
  7. DLCassidy

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    Thank you so much for your insights.
  8. Chuck 54

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    Hey, I agree with all of your comments regarding last night, but I don't believe they have to be an indication of what we'll see on Sundays this fall.

    Nevertheless, post more often because you actually had some funnies in there....Canty's vision was good, but I especially liked "Ware was he"...that's funny
  9. big dog cowboy

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    You said it twice but you act like you don't believe it. Dude, you passed up free food and beer for the first preason game of the year? When you could have recorded it? Or watched it Monday on NFL Network? Did you really think you were going to miss something that important you couldn't see later?
    :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
  10. silverbear

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    Well, the title you chose for this thread IS pretty insulting... in fact, it's the kind of thread title I'd expect from a Skins or Iggles troll... sounds like something mojo would have come up with...

    Perhaps if you wish to have a serious dialogue regarding your concerns, you should bag the 'tude...
  11. jman

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    Well that was stupid...Free food and beer trump a Cowboys preseason game everytime...besides...why the heck wasn't the game on over there?

    Also, you saw what I was expecting...The Cardinals are a three receiver set base team and Parcells said he wasn't going to play what he would during a regular season game. He wanted to play the 3-4...which he knew wasn't the correct thing to do in this situation so he could evaluate...remember, this is what preseason is about????

    New QB, new Oline combo, no real game plan...Hey, at least we scored...that hasn't happened in the first preseason game since Parcells has been here.

    The biggest mistake made last night is you leaving a BBQ...See ya next week...And don't expect so much...It's preseason for crying out loud.
  12. dougonthebench

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    :bow: :bow: I couldn't have said it better.
  13. dargonking999

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    dont forget guys like that dont hear reason.:rolleyes:
  14. AsthmaField

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    Well, I have a few comments about your take on things:

    1. Do you think your expectations might've been a tad high?

    2. If you didn't see Ware do a single thing, you must not've been watching him that closely.

    3. If you think our secondary didn't look good, then you must simply be looking at the stats and not any deeper than that. The coverage was solid and the DB's looked so different from how they did last year that you could call it a 180 degree turnaround from last year.

    4. Canty's eye is still bothering him? You apparently don't understand the concept of what's expected from a 3-4 DE. If you're thinking Charles Haley, think again. Think along the lines of Russell Maryland. Quietly doing his job with little statistical evidence of excellence... yet doing an excellent job none the less. The entire DL played a heck of a game last night. Who do you think was allowing the LB's to come up and stuff the run all night?

    5. We never play good in game 1 of the pre-season... not since Parcells arrived.

    6. Finally, do you always jump to conclusions this quickly? Calling the team a joke? If I were one to jump to conclusions that quickly, I'd probably say you were a joke as a fan and that you apparently need to be a bandwagon fan of a team that is currently a super bowl contender so they could meet your high expectations in the first pre-season game. Of course I'm not... so I won't.
  15. MichaelWinicki

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    Asthma I agree with many of your points except #5. and I keep hearing this over and over and quite frankly I just not on board with it and he's why...

    The fact is this team has huge expectations compared to the last two. Night & day from my perspective due to many reasons... the large influx of free agents this year, the apparent outstanding draft class, the good things we "heard" in training camp. Neither last year, which was dulled by "Quincy Gate", questions about Woodson's back not too mention the other questions about CB and Julius Jones nor the year before when we were coming off of 3 5-10 seasons had the expectations in the first preseason game that this team did.

    And we came out, especially on offense and took a big dump.

    I'm not letting them off the hook for the first preseason game just because we've sucked the first preseason game since big Bill has been here--- no way Jose.

    That performance Saturday night came up "small". No if's, and's, or but's about it.
  16. AsthmaField

    AsthmaField Outta bounds

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    I don't neccessarily disagree with you Mike. What I do think that it points out is how important or more precisely, how unimportant Parcells things pre-season game number 1 is.

    For instance, he stayed in a base D a lot of the time when normally, he would've had the team switching to nickel or dime... He played Gurode and Petitti with the first group... he had us playing soft zones instead of manning up in the secondary... he had zero creative blitzing from a defense that will thrive off of that. There's no doubt that Warner had room and time to throw that normally wouldn't be there.

    That doesn't excuse everything, I know... but it does give a logical reason as to why there seemed to be no cohesiveness to the teams play and why we allowed Warner to make some of the throws that he did.

    Offensive line and Bledsoe? I have no excuse for.

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