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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by HoleInTheRoof, Dec 2, 2009.

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    Two questions....

    For the first, lets assume the Cowboys don't make the Super Bowl. What matchup would be the most appealing for you, with what outcome?

    Second, lets assume the Cowboys do make the Super Bowl. Who do you want them to play?

    For me:

    1. Saints vs Colts

    I'd like to see the Good Manning hoist another.

    2. Cowboys vs Steelers
  2. jimnabby

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    This would be my pick too - just a great matchup.

    Oh God, not again. My pick:

    Cowboys vs. Browns

    Hey, I just want us to win - the less drama, the better.
  3. Hostile

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    If the Cowboys don't go, I always hope someone who has never won it does, as long as that someone is not the Eagles.

    Chargers, Bengals, Saints, or Vikings would be fine with me.
  4. Joe Realist

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    If the Cowboys made it, lets play the Colts and pay them back for Super Bowl V.

    The NFC Championship (If Boys not in) would rival Super Bowl if Vikes vs, Saints

    Super Bowl - Vikes or Saints vs. Colts or Chargers

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    I suppose Cxling is out of the question?

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