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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ODawg, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. ODawg

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    Okay here it is...Broncos VS Panthers

    Broncos win the Super Bowl...Yes it is true because it's meant to be for Denver. They are going to make it happen. As for Dallas...We are going to be fine. We are going to add to our foundation in the offseason to prepare for the RUN. The run we make next year will be for all the marbles. Like I've said before " We are on the rise" I believe that this time next year this website will be going nutz with hope and excitement. Things are going to be great. I'm so excited...Who is with me??? Super Bowl Pick----Denver 27 Carolina 14
  2. Future

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    i dont see indy losing...regardless of who they play

    NFC i like chicago, that defense is just too good

    Indy 20 Chicago 10
  3. CowboyExpress

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    I see it as being the Broncos Vs daBears. The Super "Wildlife" Bowl I'm calling it. Bears win it.
  4. cwbyfan72

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    Panthers vs Pitts another east coast battle!
  5. Cbz40

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    Colts Vs Seahawks.......Colts win SB
  6. ghst187

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    Colts vs Panthers.

    Seahawks showed that they're not very tough yesterday. Alexander took a few hard hits and quit. Panthers are more balanced on both sides of the ball IFFFFFF Foster can run the ball halfway decently.

    Denver was handed that win by the Pats. Takeaway the INT return for almost a TD (which should've been ruled a touchback, Instant replay is ******** when they review it and still can't make the right call) and I think the Pats win that game.
    Denver is also not a tough team and they are especially flimsy when they don't play at home.

    If Foster isn't too injured and runs well, I think the Panthers actually have a chance to upset the Colts. Colts aren't all that tough when you hit them in the mouth either.
  7. BrassCowboy

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    Indy 32 Carolina 17

    Indy is going to beat whoever they play....
    Carolina is going to win, think they are more balanced than chicago. All they have to do is find a way to get one td
  8. big dog cowboy

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    Meant to be?
  9. RoyWilliams

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    Colts vs. Seahawks I'd be pretty surprised if it wasn't.
  10. jazzcat22

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    Colts over Bears, 23-16
  11. Sarge

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    Colts over Seattle even though they are losing to the Steelers as I type.

    Also, I picked the Seahags last week before the Alexander injury so, Seattle might not be the pick I would take now but I'll stand by my prior pick.
  12. kingwhicker

    kingwhicker BCRSA

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    Steelers. Easy.
  13. KINGBRICE_28

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    I don't care who the afc team is Pittsburgh should beat Denver but I think Denver is tough at home...they are the home team right?.....

    however Carolina is going back to the SB....

    the hawks fumbled like 6 times in that game...They don't stand a chance against a team that can put up 20 points a game...... we snached the L from the jaws of victory before it was too late.....

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