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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Jun 18, 2005.

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    Has been set as July 14th. The only player to declare so far that I know of Manuel Wright, and OL from USC. I really doubt any team will spend more than a 6th or 7th rounder for him and that will be because of his size only. 6'6" about 310 pounds. Didn't play enough at USC to warrant more than that.
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    From Len Pastabelly......

    He won't stage a group workout until early July, but former Southern California defensive tackle Manuel Wright, by far the highest profile prospect in the supplemental draft on July 14, is getting increased interest. Wright visited with Eagles officials this week. The Dolphins, Packers and Bengals have indicated interest as well. One scout who asked that his club not be mentioned even suggested the tackle might have enough momentum now to catapult into the second round. That still seems like a reach – most personnel people have tabbed Wright as a third- or fourth-round prospect – but it only takes one team to panic and make a move on him earlier than anticipated. Given the number of teams interested, and the usual need for viable defensive tackle prospects, Wright's stock is clearly on the rise.

    • Some franchises who aren't likely to invest a choice on Wright (any club that takes him must forfeit the corresponding selection in the regular 2006 draft) have begun to sort of rummage through the remnants of the free agent pool at the position. There are actually a few veteran tackles worthy of some research. Among them: Ellis Johnson, Travis Hall, Ed Jasper, Norman Hand and Kelvin Pritchett. All of them have warts, but again, tackle is such a difficult position to fill, that some of these guys could end up in training camps, trying to win, say, the No. 4 spot on a roster.

    From GBN.........

    Southern California junior DT Manual Wright, who has made himself available for next month’s supplemental draft, was reportedly in Philadelphia yesterday meeting with Eagles officials. There is also a report out of Cincinnati that Wright will be there later today to meet with the Bengals, though Wright’s agent says Wright will visit a maximum of one team per week. Wright is expected to be in Miami next week to meet with the Dolphins. Wright will also hold a formal open workout at USC the week prior to the supplemental draft which is scheduled for July 14th. The buzz around the NFL is that Wright is projected as a 3rd or 4th pick round prospect on value boards around the week
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    WR Roscoe Crosby from Clemson and LB Chad Anderson of Kentucky are also included.
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    That Roscoe kid better not be a drfatpick of ours. Isn't he another baseball player years removed from football? Injuries and a tough run with deaths in the family/friends. UDFA material.

    I'd throw a 6th at the DT.
  5. Alexander

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    Wright will not last until the 6th round. He has at least four teams after him and it does not look like we are one of them.

    And yes, Crosby is like Henson and Hutchinson. A failed baseball player who has not played football in several years.

    I wonder if Chad Anderson is a hybrid?

    We need some more of those. :)
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    I forgot about Crosby. Thank you. Did not know about the Kentucky kid.
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    I read yesterday at ESPN (I think) that one unnamed team is looking at using a 2nd on Wright. Other teams have said they would use a third. I'll see if I can find the article.
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    According to Pro Football Talk it is Miami :).


    A league source tells us that the Miami Dolphins fully intend to select USC defensive tackle Manuel Wright in the July 14 supplemental draft.

    Wright, who played sparingly during his time in SoCal, has drawn interest from Miami, Philly, and Cincinnati.

    Wright is six-foot-five and weighs 320 pounds. He has scored a 17 on the Wonderlic test, and he works out for scouts on July 8.

    The Dolphins arguably have the greatest need at Wright's position, especially for the future. Tim Bowens is done, Larry Chester is a half-step behind him, and Keith Traylor are Jeff Zgonina are 35. Other defensive tackles on the roster are Dario Romero, rookie seventh-rounder Kevin Vickerson, Josh Shaw, and rookie free agent Orrin Thompson.

    Free-agent acquisition Kevin Carter arguably could move inside, since he played the position in Tennessee. But the plan for now is for Carter to stay at defensive end.

    The real question here is how high the Fins are willing to go in order to ensure that Manuel will labor in South Florida. Most view him as a third-round or fourth-round prospect. The supplemental draft, however, uses a goofy lottery-based procedure, which has certain elements of a smoke-filled poker game in the back room at Fat Tony's.

    Like Georgia Tech running back Tony Hollings a year ago, for whom the Texans burned a No. 2 in order to beat out the Cowboys, our guess is that the Fins might have to use a second-round pick in order to trump interested teams. Still, we'd be shocked to see Miami -- or anyone -- take Wright in round one, since the use of a supplemental pick forfeits that pick, from that same round, in next April's draft.
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    Wright won't get out of the 3rd...
  10. Nors

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    Lets keep our 2nd and 3rd then....
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    I'm with you 100% on that.
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    Its hard to comment on this cause I know nothing about him , but his measurements,
    If he is a rock at that size and has the strenth and quickness than I would seriously think about a 3rd.
    We are a little thin at that position size wise
  13. Alexander

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    Not thin enough.
  14. Cowboy Junkie

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    The only person with both the size and the talent the Cowboys have at DT is Ferguson.
    He gose down and the 3/4 not as effective.
    I do think we will use the 4-3 often , but I like that we can do whatever we want on the Defense effectivly.
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    article on Crosby from Rob Rang:

    Rob Rang
    Senior Analyst

    June 11, 2005 - The NFL designed the supplemental draft for players just like Roscoe Crosby.

    Friday’s workout at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina showed everyone that Crosby has the natural athleticism to compete at the NFL level.

    His numbers were spectacular. The 6-2, 214 pounder ran the forty twice. His first attempt resulted in times ranging from 4.39 to 4.41. The second ranged from 4.40 to 4.44. Though receivers aren’t required to do the standard 225 pound bench press at the Indianapolis Combine, Crosby wanted to show his strength, putting the bar up 17 times Friday. This effort would have placed him third among all receivers at the 2005 Combine.

    Furthermore, Crosby didn’t drop a pass in the entire workout, catching throws from NFL quarterback, Shaun King.

    King was among those praising Crosby after the performance, comparing him to former Arizona Cardinal teammate, Anquan Boldin.

    “He’s just like Boldin, only faster and maybe stronger,” King said.
    While there were numerous scouts and media attending Friday’s workout, with these numbers attendance is expected to be considerably higher for his next workout, July 1st, also at Spring Valley High School.

    As was first reported by, the Supplemental Draft will be held July 14th.

    To truly understand the significance of Crosby’s workout and potential, however, one must know his story.

    Coming out of Union, South Carolina in 2001 he was recruited by every major program in the country before deciding on Clemson. In a year that featured Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Williams, Michael Clayton, and Fred Gibson among others, Crosby was characterized by recruiting experts as a “can’t miss” prospect.

    Max Emfinger described him as the “best big receiver that I have seen play this year.”

    Tom Lemming listed Crosby as a top five prospect regardless of position. The others Lemming listed among his top ten? Recent high NFL draft picks Cedric Benson, Ahmad Carroll, Tommie Harris, Reggie Williams, Shaun Cody, Kevin Jones, and Matt Ware, as well as 2006 prospects Brodie Croyle and D.J. Shockley, the starting quarterbacks at Auburn and Georgia, respectively.

    Even casual football fans recognize many of these names.

    Due to a series of traumatic events over the past four years only the most ardent fans outside of South Carolina and the Clemson campus, however, likely recognize Crosby’s name.

    Considered just as talented a baseball player as football, Crosby was selected in the second round of the 2001 draft by the Kansas City Royals. Most baseball experts felt Crosby deserved to be selected in the top ten, but Crosby’s commitment to football made Major League Baseball nervous. The Royals signed him to a contract, which included a $1.75 million signing bonus and the agreement to pay his collegiate tuition. His plan was to play wide receiver for the Tigers and centerfield for the Royals.

    A few weeks into his initial spring training with the Royals, five of Crosby’s best childhood friends decided to drive from South Carolina to Florida to watch him. Tragically, Quenton Savage, Jerel Brandon, James Ruth, Adrian Salter, and Jermaine Savage never got there.

    Quenton Savage, the driver, lost control of the vehicle near Hinesville, Georgia. Brandon died on impact. Ruth and Savage, died only a few minutes later from smoke inhalation. The two others, Salter and Jermaine Savage (no relation to Quenton) suffered terrible burns. The burns took over a year to heal.

    Crosby was inconsolable and adding to the emotional strain of such a loss, Crosby soon after tore ligaments in his elbow. The injury was so serious he had to undergo Tommy John surgery, the complete surgical replacement of the ligaments.

    Unable to play football, Crosby withdrew from Clemson. After over a year of rehabilitation, Crosby returned to the Royals, only to leave the team unexpectedly. The Royals responded by freezing his pay and tuition.

    He then returned to Clemson, but after only one game back, left the Tigers unexpectedly, as well.

    Just as he was getting his life back in order, tragedy struck once again.

    Fifteen month’s after the tragic accident, Roscoe’s little brother Nathaniel Hill, disappeared while swimming with friends in nearby Lake Hartwell. It took divers three days to find 14 year old Nate’s body.

    Crosby was now left with few options. After abruptly leaving the Royals, the team elected not to pay the final three years of his signing bonus. Only recently did the Royals and Crosby settle the case. The Royals will not have to pay Crosby bonuses for 2003, 2004, and 2005, saving $750,000 of his $1.75 million signing bonus.

    Crosby recently tried to get back into football, but his five-year cycle as a college football player runs out after the upcoming season. While he played as a freshman in 2001 and briefly returned in 2003, it is unlikely any D-I school would be allowed to add him due to a lack of required academic credits.
    Choosing the Supplemental Draft over enrollment at D-IAA or DII school was a tough decision, though potentially the right one.

    Officially, Crosby isn’t yet in the draft. The two main hurdles for prospects to enter the draft are a detailed background check and sending in any collegiate transcripts. The NFL has gone over and passed Crosby’s background check and Clemson is sending Crosby’s transcripts to the league office Monday. At that point, Crsoby will be made eligible for the draft and will simply have to file his application to be included.

    Maintaining a respectful approach to the process of entering the supplemental draft, Crosby and his advisors quietly contacted each team prior to his official application into the draft. All of the thirty two teams are expected to be represented at the Crosby’s July 1st workout, though a handful of teams have already shown extra interest. Carolina, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans, and Kansas City are among those who have pursued extra information.

    While teams are certainly concerned with the emotional baggage Crosby has dealt with, his talent is staggering.

    One veteran scout who attended Friday’s workout described Crosby as “still a little raw, but his natural ability is pretty damn impressive.”

    Former Clemson offensive coordinator Rick Stockstill, now the recruiting coordinator for Steve Spurrier’s South Carolina Gamecocks, had this to say about Crosby in 2001 after only a few days of practice.

    "After four practices, he's the best I've ever seen as a true freshman. The light hasn't gone on yet, but he does things out there that are God-given."

    After struggling with a sprained knee and broken nose early in the year, Crosby caught 21 passes in his final six games. This includes ten catches for 208 yards and three touchdowns in his final two contests, one of which was Clemson’s victory in the 2001 Humanitarian Bowl. He finished third in the ACC in yards per reception (17.2) and broke the Clemson first year freshman records for most receptions (27) and receiving yardage (465).

    NFL teams are intrigued with Crosby’s combination of a 6’2, 214 pound frame and potential 4.4 speed. He had been timed as fast as 4.38 while at Clemson.

    As mentioned previously, Crosby worked out for scouts during last spring’s Pro Day. The decision to do so was a bit impulsive, as he hadn’t been working out in preparation for the Pro Day and ran in tennis shoes and a pair of Jordan shorts, hardly an outfit recommended for blazing forty times. One scout who attended the workout compared it to scene from Major League where the pajama-clad Willie Mayes-Hayes (played by Wesley Snipes) character out-ran his Cleveland Indian teammates.

    Teams spoke of his “natural tools” after that workout and are considerably more excited now after reviewing Crosby’s previous film, as well as the news of Friday’s impressive workout.

    Supplemental Draft Note: While teams are excited about the potential of former USC defensive tackle Manuel Wright, most teams are pointing to his lack of consistent effort as a reason why he is expected to fall come July 14th. Some teams initially considered Wright a prospect potentially worthy of a 2nd round selection. However, after more film study, the general feeling now is that he is more of a fourth round pick. One prominent AFC scouting director mentioned Wright’s “laziness and lack of good hand play” as reasons his team wouldn’t consider him until the latter portion of the draft. “He’s got talent. He’s a draftable guy who has what you need to become a quality starter in this league, but is he going to be willing to work at it hard enough once he gets the paycheck?”
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    Anybody have information on what round Roscoe Crosby could be drafted? Sounds like a hard luck story that could turn into a pretty sweet NFL story if given a chance. That is quite a sack of baggage he has however. Any idea if he is on the Cowboy's radar? Baseball or not I'd use a 7th on him.
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    jmo - crosby will not be drafted in supp

    Stop bringing in baseball players years removed from football!

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