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    Free Agency: Calais Campbell, Carl Nicks, Abram Elam.

    1) Courtney Upshaw, OLB, Alabama - 6'2" 265lbs. - I don't think Dallas will re-sign Spencer, and I think we will see Upshaw and Butler splitting duty at the SOLB position. Courtney Upshaw is a relentless pass rusher and better in run support than you'd expect.

    2) Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina - 6'1" 193lbs. - Gilmore is an excellent corner. Very cerebral player who knows his and everyone else's defensive assignments. Excellent hands and uses his height to make the INT. Aggressive in run coverage. Hard worker who plays with fire on every play.

    3) Ben Jones, C, Georgia - 6'3" 316lbs. - Can anchor against wide-body and pass rushing DT's and NT's. Excellent initial quickness and adept at shotgun snaps. Calls the blocking assignments.

    4) Joe Adams, KR/PR, Arkansas - 5'11" 190lbs. - The Cowboys need a KR/PR. Best available.

    5) Ladarius Green, TE, La.-Lafayette - 6'6" 236lbs. - What we thought we were getting with Bennett. He is like a huge WR. Uncoverable.

    6) Tank Carder, LB, TCU - 6'2" 237lbs. - Value pick. BPA. Entered this season ranked as a 2nd round pick and TCU had a rough year. Can be ILB/OLB depth.

    6) Russell Wilson, QB, Wisconsin - 5'11" 201lbs. - Lacks ideal height for an NFL QB, or would be a first round pick. Has put together excellent years at NC State and this year at Wisconsin. Cowboys take a flier on him as their #3 project with McGee proving enough to be the backup.

    7) BPA, who cares.
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    I like it all but round 2,Gilmore is way to slow and stiff hips to play press man. HE is more of a cover 2 zone CB.

    I like Upshaw but you won't get more than you expect. He is just a solid player, I don't think he will disappoint and be a but or bad but he won't be amazing player. I don't mind the pick.
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    I like it all except for 1st and 6th,, go with ingram at lb/de quicker and faster, where upshaw is stronger, at qb wasted pick due to height, never waste a draft pick to me, other than that i can live with it and ok
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    I love Upshaw, he is going to be a solid player for a very long time but he's not going to be much of an upgrade over Spencer in the pass rush department.
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    exactly what i was thinking to, we need a speed guy at outside linebacker and ingram is that, we need a pass rusher that can help put heat on qb
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    Ingram and Vinny are my two guys and ironically they are all over the board from Mid Round 1 to early Round 2 but I suspect both will cement themselves in the 15-25 range come draft day giving us ample opportunity to land 1 of them.
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    totally agree buddy, glad to see you posting again :bow:
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    Really like the train of thought...though I also prefer Ingram or maybe Ronnell Lewis (if he somehow fell) over Upshaw.
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    i'll second this, i hate that morons band together and chase away good posters like you and the guy that posted all the videos, DC i think, and now it seems couchscout too

    good to see you back
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    I'd like to see Ingram drop about 8-10 lbs if he's going to make the move to 34 OLB. It will only help his quickness and speed.

    Upshaw is just how SDogo said; he's got a limited repitiore of passrush moves, preferring to bullrush and out muscle his way to the QB. He'll get a lot of sacks on pure effort and cleaning up after a pockets been broken down, versus turning the edge and getting to the QB quickly. Really, he's just like Spencer in that aspect.

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