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    I've been working on this for a while now. I've built a pseudo depth-chart and ranked players from top to bottom in terms of where I think they'll wind up on the depth chart. This is a lot to digest and is very long, my apologies. I get bored this time of year. ;)

    I hope you enjoy the work I put into this. :)

    I've included a little commentary with each player.
    Roster Status will designate either where I think they will end up, or a best case scenario for that player.
    Contribution will designate how much this player I think will contribute or need to contribute in order for the Cowboys to have a successful season.

    Name - Height/Weight - Commentary - Roster Status - Contribution*
    (* designates a fluctuating rating depending on the position and depth the player ends up at)


    Tony Romo - 6'2 230lb - Not much to say here. Our elite, franchise QB. We need Romo to continue his outstanding play, and keep working on his mental lapses. The unquestioned leader of our team. 53-man roster. VERY HIGH

    Kyle Orton - 6'4 225lb - Even with the troubles in OTAs, he's still a top backup in the NFL. 53-man roster. LOW

    Nick Stephens - 6'3 226lb - Has good arm strength and touch on passes, but needs work on his accuracy. Practice squad. NONE

    Dalton Williams - 6'3 217lb - Struggled in college against decent competition, but played well against no-name schools. A huge project. Cut. NONE


    DeMarco Murray - 6'0 215lb - We need him to stay healthy this year. He changes our offense when he's in the game. His health is his only downfall so far. A more committed approach to the run game this year will hopefully keep his body loose and assist him in avoiding injury. 53-man roster. HIGH

    Joseph Randle - 6'0 198lb - If DeMarco Murray cannot stay healthy, Randle will be the guy filling in. Let's hope we don't have to see too much of him. Not that I'm knocking him; I just want Murray healthy all year. 53-man roster. MED-HIGH

    Lance Dunbar - 5'8 191lb - I think Lance Dunbar has the best chance at being the 3rd RB. According to reports, he's running really well so far this offseason. Could honestly be a toss-up between him and Tanner. 53-man roster. MED

    Phillip Tanner - 5'10 217lb - If the Cowboys carry 4 RB's, it'd be because Tanner and Dunbar both proved their value to them in training camp, forcing the Cowboys to keep them both. All reports say that he's really reinvented his body and is running with lots of power. 53-man roster. MED

    Kendial Lawrence - 5'9 196lb - Said to be a lesser Darren Sproles. Would be nice to keep him on practice squad for a year to let him develop. Durable despite his size. Very fast. He'll need to improve his pass protection and show that he can consistently catch passes to make it as a third-down back. Practice Squad. NONE


    Lawrence Vickers - 6'0 250lb - I don't think we carry a fullback this year. Cut. NONE


    Dez Bryant - 6'2 220lb - Cemented himself as our #1WR last year. Hopefully this year he cements himself as atop-5 WR in the NFL. I want to be sure that last year wasn't a fluke. So far this offseason, he's giving me every reason to believe it wasn't. 53-man roster. VERY HIGH

    Miles Austin - 6'2 217lb - Another player that we need to stay healthy. If he misses several games this year, I think the Cowboys part ways with him at the end of the season. Depending on the development of Terrance Williams, it could happen regardless. 53-man roster. MED-HIGH

    Dwayne Harris - 5'10 200lb - Really came on strong towards the end of the year. Showed his value in the slot and on special teams. Our "starting" #3WR. 53-man roster. MED

    Terrance Williams - 6'2 202lb - I look forward to seeing him stretch the field. I want him to be the next Laurent Robinson. It's far too early to crown him as anything, but he was very productive in college and any contribution by him is gravy. I'd like to see him make Miles Austin expendable within the next year or two. 53-man roster. MED-LOW

    Cole Beasley - 5'8 177lb - I think he will be a valuable player on our offense this year. Won't see a ton of snaps, but will catch a few balls and convert some 3rd downs. I am a little biased as I was his LT in High School where he played QB, but I am trying to be objective. I just know how talented he is, and believe he can make a real difference if given the snaps. Seemed to have some real chemistry with Tony Romo. For that, I think the Cowboys keep him. 53-man roster. MED-LOW

    Danny Coale - 6'0 190lb - I have a gut feeling that he'll have a great camp and force the Cowboys to carry 6 wide receivers. This is practically his rookie season, as he didn't play last year. I'm not too sure he's what the Cowboys need as far as depth. I think they need another outside presence in the wide receiver depth chart. Too many slot-type wide receivers right now, however I don't think any of the other receivers make it above him. 53-man roster. LOW

    Eric Rogers - 6'3 211lb - Flashed this offseason so far and with his size, could have the best chance at making the roster out of this group of unknowns in the log jam at the bottom of the wide receiver depth chart. If he does make the roster, he'd knock Cole Beasley or Danny Coale off the roster. Not sure he does it this year though. Practice Squad. NONE

    Jared Green - 6'1 185lb - Has decent size and great speed. Doubtful he makes it above any of the veterans and second-year players, and as of right now, I think Eric Rogers would make it over him due to his size. Practice squad. NONE

    Anthony Armstrong - 5'11 179lb - Has an outside chance to make the roster based on his value as a vertical threat, but the Cowboys already have too many smaller wideouts. Cut. NONE

    Tim Benford - 5'11 200lb - Long shot to make the roster. Cut, or PS if he's eligible. NONE

    Anthony Amos - 5'11 179lb - Probably just camp fodder. He played really well against low-level college competition though. Cut. NONE


    Jason Witten - 6'6 261lb - One of my favorite players. Consistently where he needs to be, has excellent chemistry with Tony Romo, and converts lots of 3rd downs. I really want to see him lose a little weight and see if he can regain a little bit of his speed. He's never been fast, but he needs to do a better job with YAC. A minor nit-pick on a future HOFer. 53-man roster. HIGH

    James Hanna - 6'4 259lb - Super excited about him. He's a nice weapon and creates mismatches vs. defenses. He's too fast for linebackers and too big for corners. I want to see him force Jason Garrett to give him more snaps. 53-man roster. MED-HIGH

    Gavin Escobar - 6'6 251lb - I was not thrilled about this pick, but as time passes, I'm beginning to understand more why he was the pick. Let's be honest; Jason Witten will probably not be around 3-4 years from now. I think the Cowboys are wanting Gavin Escobar to be their #1 TE. I know this term has been tossed around alot, but I do believe the Cowboys are attempting to mirror the success that New England has seen with Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. If Gavin can become half of what Witten is, then he's a starter in the NFL. 53-man roster. MED

    Dante Rosario - 6'3 250lb - Dante is a bit of an interesting TE. He'll be the H-back, serving as both a tight end and a fullback when necessary. He's a nice receiver, and has hopped around the league quite a bit. Not bad depth. I'm excited to see how the Cowboys plan to utilize all these tight ends. 53-man roster. MED-LOW

    Colin Cochart - 6'4 258lb - Cochart is another tweener type of TE. He can play multiple positions, including in the slot, out wide, and as an H-back. I don't think he's quite as experienced or talented as Dante Rosario, so I don't think he makes the roster. Cut. NONE

    Andre Smith - 6'5 267lb - A blocking tight end. I don't think he brings enough value to warrant a position on the roster, although he is good at what he does. Cut. NONE


    Travis Frederick - 6'3 317lb - I want Frederick to anchor our line and secure the center position for the next 12 years. He is strong, smart, and nasty. I really, truly do not care what pick he cost us, or what the Cowboys did to acquire him. If he plays at an above-average to high level for even 8 years, then he's worth it. I hope that he is good enough to beat out Phil Costa; however I think that if he doesn't, he'll end up in one of the guard spots. 53-man roster. HIGH

    Phil Costa - 6'3 313lb - Last year, when healthy, Costa played excellent. Well, maybe not excellent. But amazing by Cowboys offensive line standards. It is truly sad we've grown to accept less than great. But, such is parity. If Costa is good enough, he will start. If not, he'll provide excellent depth. 53-man roster. LOW-HIGH*

    Ryan Cook - 6'6 325lb - I think Cook is kept around if for no other reason than his versatility. He can play any position on the offensive line, and if the Cowboys decide to keep 4 running backs, 4 tight ends, and 6 wide receivers on the roster, then his value stretches beyond merely what he can do as depth. He frees up a roster spot, and a gameday spot. 53-man roster. MED-LOW

    Kevin Kowalski - 6'3 304lb - I really liked Kowalski in what I saw from him when he played. Unfortunately, it's a numbers game and -if he can't play guard- then I don't think he stays. Cut. NONE


    Nate Livings - 6'4 320lb - An averagely inconsistent performance last year might end up being back as a starter along the offensive line. I'm really hoping that the Cowboys can snatch up someone better than him when final cuts are made. If he is the worst link on our offensive line, though, then I can live with that. 53-man roster. MED

    Ronald Leary - 6'3 318lb - Here's to hoping he turns the corner this year and becomes the starter that we (and the rest of the NFL) thought he could be if his knee holds up. He may not be a long-term solution, but if we can get 3-5 years of above average play from him, then I'll be happy. 53-man roster. MED

    Mackenzy Bernadeau - 6'4 320lb - I truly hope that an injury, playing next to Doug Free, and inexperience are what caused his bad play last year. I hope he can become a player that truly plays better than what they should, because of scheme and cohesion. 53-man roster. MED-LOW

    Ray Dominguez - 6'4 329lb - Good explosion but isn't strong enough to get much push. Is very agile for his size and can anchor well in pass protection. He's more of a pass protector than a run blocker. I hope he can push one of the guys above him down and perhaps be an eventual starter. 53-man roster. LOW

    David Arkin - 6'5 306lb - Ugh. How is it even possible that this guy is still around? I don't understand what a tall, weak, technically unsound guard is still doing around! Oh, wait...Our line is terrible. I'd like to see the Cowboys shop the final cuts around the league and bring in some better depth on the cheap and cut Arkin. It's time to move on. Cut. NONE


    Tyron Smith - 6'5 308lb - I pray and hope that last year was the worst year we'll ever see from Tyron. He's too good to play as bad as he did. Thankfully, his athletic ability, work ethic, and desire to succeed are second to none. He's got my trust. My prediction is that he shows up this year in a big way. 53-man roster. VERY HIGH

    Jermey Parnell - 6'6 311lb - This could be a little wishful thinking here, but I want Jermey Parnell to start more games and play more snaps than Doug Free this year. I'd like by the end of the year for there to be no question as to who the better RT is. His ceiling is still above him and by all reports he's working hard to reach it. The only problem with his game is correctable mental errors. 53-man roster. MED-HIGH*

    Doug Free - 6'6 325lb - I wish Doug Free wasn't on the roster, but in all fairness, he's good depth. Hopefully the pay cut and demotion (I hope) will light the proverbial fire and he'll step up his game. 53-man roster. MED-HIGH*

    Edawn Coughman - 6'4 316lb - I do not think the Cowboys will carry 4 offensive tackles on the roster, but things could get interesting if Edawn Coughman shows the ability to play guard, tackle, and blocking tight end. The Cowboys saw this and it is the reason he was invited to training camp. The Cowboys like his footwork and versatility. Practice Squad. NONE-LOW

    Darrion Weems - 6'5 320lb - Again, I really think the Cowboys will only carry 3 offensive tackles on the roster, and they'd go with Edawn Coughman due to his versatility if they wanted to carry 4. However, Darrion Weems played well at Oregon in that high-powered, non-stop offense. Practice Squad. NONE

    JB Shugarts - 6'6 300lb - Has good size and strength, but really struggles with leverage and balance. Cut. NONE
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    Ray Dominguez seems highly unlikely to make the 53 man roster.

    The only way that Cook could save a game day roster spot would be with only 6 OL active and either Parnell or Free inactive. That will not happen.
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    Danny Coale has yet to practice due to lingering issues from last year's knee injury. He was on the PS last year prior to tne injury without getting claimed by another team. There is a good chance that they could carry him on the PS again unless he does something really outstanding in preseason.
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    I agree with you on all points above. I'm not factoring in that the team will likely churn some of these guys out. If the team were built tomorrow solely from who we have right now, this is the direction I think they'd go.

    Ideally, a veteran WR that can play outside and an OG will be brought in for depth.

    I always appreciate your comments, critiques, and criticism. 104 views and you're the only one to reply, so thank you ;)
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    wrong as usual. They might have a guard/center guy instead and cook becomes the swing tackle.
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    7 is the bare minimum they would take on gameday. No matter what one of the backups would be the swing tackle and the other swing inside. So Cook wouldn't free up a roster space.
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    That makes no sense.
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    Hopefully Tyron's mental mistakes last year were something along the lines of family problems that Dez had the prior year. Once Dez got all that crap out of the way with his mom and learned to grow a little better he really stepped up his game. So, maybe the problems that Tyron had with his family last year is fixed so he can just concentrate all of his time to football like Dez did last year.
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    1. All of his previous game experience in both the NFL and college was at RT.

    2. Cook's delayed snaps caused TS to false start multiple times early in the season. Later in the season, TS trained himself to have a delayed movement off the snap which was a problem on the snaps where Cook didn't have an extended delay. TS was not the only OL that had this problem. Hopefully this is cured by having Cook at home watching the games from his sofa in 2013.
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    That is so true, and if Frederick starts at center I hope that mess can be cleaned up! Costa was not as bad with his snap count, it was that he was always trying to throw a pass to Romo!

    But, I think this oline is going to see major improvements this season, I really believe that.
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    Overall pretty nice list, great explanations. Pretty much in line with what I currently have. A few differences.

    I'm still not sold on the idea they will keep 4 TE's, and no FB. How will they evaluate this. But without a backup FB on the roster, it looks that way.
    I say Tanner won't make the team if Vickers is kept, and 4 TE's. Possibly trade Tanner if the opportunity comes up?
    Rosario odd TE out if Vickers is kept, and 4 RB's, but I highly doubt they do that, or if they go long at another positons, due to injuries, like OL, DB's, DL

    Interesting to see the battle with Cook / Kowalski. But I see them battling more for back up guards, with the winner because of 3rd string C experience.
    I think they both could have a shot at making it, both over Dominguez, but I don't know a lot about him.
    Arkin would need a great camp to push anyone off the roster. Right now, I don't have him making the team either.

    My pet cat, not of TC in general, but for the OL is Shugarts. Only because he is from Ohio State. Will need to see him play and see how he does is camp, then I may change my mind.
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    Thank you.

    With Dante Rosario on the roster, it practically eliminates the need for a fullback. He is 6'3 250lb, about the size of a traditional fullback. He's just more athletic and has better hands than Vickers. I'm sure he'll do fine lining up in the backfield as a lead blocker.

    I am very interested in seeing how the Cook/Kowalski battle plays out. The team will go with Cook if they prefer a little more versatility and experience; or Kowalski if they prefer youth and potential. I like Kowalski better as a player, but Cook is more versatile. Either one would be great depth.

    As for Shugarts, like I said before in my analysis, he's got the size and strength that you look for in a RT, but he really struggles with his leverage and balance in both pass protection and run blocking. I don't think he's got the footwork for a traditional MBS, much less a quicker ZBS like what we'll probably be running. If he could improve on those, he might earn a practice squad spot.

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