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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by bringinthehurt31, May 9, 2012.

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    Hello fellow zoners. I am going in for posterior lumbar interbody fusion, basically removing discs in my back and inserting rods on Monday. I was wondering if anyone else on the board has had this done and if so, what kind of recovery time you had and was it worth it ? I have seen 3 doc's about my situation and all recommended this be done. I am 32 now, so I thought it would be better to do it now while young and before anymore damage to the nerves are done. I am worried about losing flexibilty ect. I am very active and hope to be able to contiue doing the things that I enjoy. Any advice or stories would be great.
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    Good luck bro
  3. Bill Wooten

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    Damn man. That sounds like some serious surgery. If you were asking about knee surgery, I have lots of info for you.

    Best wishes for a fast recovery.
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    How'd you hurt your back? Crazy to be having it at 32, being 29 myself. I don't know a thing about it but good luck with the surgery, please update us afterwards so we know you're okay.
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    We have some excellent docs here... get a little advice if you have time...
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    I have had the exact surgery. Had mine about three years ago. It will take a good while to recover. Understand that you will never feel normal again. The fusion and rods will limit some of your range of motion. This is a big change for your body. I have always thought that surgery may get rid of a major problem, but it seems like several small problems springs up. I have had three cervical and two lower lumbar operations with countless smaller proceedures. You learn to adjust and keep on going. If you want more info, PM me.
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    Thanks guys. I am not sure exactly how or when the injury occurred. I guess I should have listened when the older guys would say stuff like, just because you can lift it doesn't mean you should or your going to feel that when you get older. I had some good crashes on motorcycles in the last couple years, mostly when jumping or stuff like that and I thought that was the cause but all three doctors belive that it was all caused from lifting, twisting and just every day abuse.
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    Good luck!
  9. Faerluna

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    Have you been to or gotten any opinions from a chiropractor?

    I obviously can't say that this would help because I don't know the severity of the issues, but I'm very leery of elective back surgery to resolve issues of that nature.

    I have really bad back issues as well, but I can maintain it because I am under regular chiropractic care.

    Good luck, regardless.
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    I would visit a chiropractor for 2-4 weeksd see if that helps at all. I have a really good Chiro who believes in chiropractics along side of medial treatment. It sounds like your back condition is pretty bad, but before I would go through a surgery like that I would try everything I could before going under the knife.
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    I have a back issue that I am able to maintain with a combination of chiropractic care, rehab exercises, and yoga.

    Several relatives have had back surgery and are in a worse place than they were before they had it.

    And once you go down the surgery road, there's not much alternative if there are any side effects as a result (like scar tissue).

    I would try the 'do-it-yourself' route before committing to surgery.

    But best of luck in whatever you decide.
  12. WV Cowboy

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    Love your avatar!

    Slaton & White!! ... Great years!

    (oh, .. good luck with your back, and I would try a chiropractor first too.)
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    hate to do this guys (because of all the posts suggesting this), however, if you have a serious enough back problem requiring this sort of surgery you should avoid chiropracters. they are not doctors and while they may be OK for minor aches and pains, need to be avoided for serious stuff requiring surgery.

    if you want to know if the suggested surgery is appropriate, get a second opinion

    if you want to know if there are alternatives to the surgery, see a DO (doctor of osteopathic medicine). these folks are well trained in most chiropractic methods and they have good medical training as well

    do your research

    good luck

    just my .02
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    Thanks for all the replies and well wishes.

    I was advised by my doctor not to go to the chiropractor, due to the severity of the injury. He is worried about causing permanent nerve damage. I guess one of the ruptured disc's is already pressing into the nerves and that's whats causing the numbness in my leg and is partly to blame for the muscle spasm's.

    I asked an ex-girlfriend of mine, who is an RN on the Neuro ward, what she thought of the doctor doing my surgery and she has heard only good things. She said he only does surgery as a final option. Now she may be trying to kill me, I dont know but I guess I will take her word. I always try and do a lot of research before being cut on, but there isn't any better info than "talking" to people who have been thru it.

    jnday - I may PM you soon. Sounds like you would have a wealth of knowledge on the situation.
  15. Dash28

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    I've had multiple surgeries but not involving the back.

    Best of luck and speedy recovery sir.
  16. MichaelWinicki

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    Great point about chiropractors and herniated disks... There just isn't much a chiro can do for this.

    I have a decent sized herniation between my C5 and C6. For years I didn't know it was. I thought the pain in my arms was tendinitis– wrong!

    Finally went to the right doc, did an MRI and found the herniation.

    I was headed towards surgery (which I didn't want if I could avoid for the main reason I read here– surgery is not a "cure-all" and what you end up with could be worse than what you have now).

    I put in six months worth of rehab. Neck stretches, back stretches, strengthening my back & neck... and finally things "healed" enough so that I wasn't walking around in constant pain.

    It's been that way for about a decade now. There are times when the herniation will let me know that it's still there, but for the most part I'm pain free.

    If you gotta have surgery, you gotta have surgery, but if there is any other way possible, I'd pursue that first.
  17. jnday

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    This is good advice Mike.

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