Swinton, anyone?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by btcutter, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. btcutter

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    Our kickoff return has been pathetic. He is pretty good at it. He would basically replace Copper. Question is that is he worth it? Does Copper have enough upside to justify keeping him vs Swinton? It would be a huge upgrade for our return game with Swinton KR.
  2. dallascowboysfan31

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  3. WoodysGirl

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    He's already signed a 1-yr deal w/AZ per KFFL.
  4. mperfection

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    That was a smart pick up for them. He is BY FAR better than anyone we currently have. I was hoping that we would jump on him.

    FRDRCK DeWare94

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    whether its preseason or not, he's had a KR for a td everywhere he's gone, but im not sure about GB
  6. jobberone

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    Good thought. I hope TT learns how to return the ball. He has some of the tools. You can teach him to be more reckless but I don't know about his vision.
  7. Fletch

    Fletch To The Moon

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    Maybe we can hire Swinton for the halftime show at the Thanksgiving Day game vs. the Broncos. He's well known rapper.

  8. Jersey

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    With the obvious exception of depth at Safety, and an upgrade at Kicker, our roster is set. We just got rid of Lynn Scott this weekend, lets not take a step backwards and re-acquire the poor talent we've had these past years. What's next, a how-a-bout Randall Williams post?
  9. 5mics

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    Pass on his azz.....let's keep moving forward!
  10. jackrussell

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    I think there should be a new category 'zone' for which to post. The 'Should We Sign Every Single Player That Gets Cut Or Waived By Other Teams Zone'.
  11. Drederick Tatum

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    I don't understand this constant go backwards to move forward mentality. If Swinton was that good and worth keeping he would still be on the team. That goes for any other KR that showed flashes in the past. Face it, if you are not a complete player you won't last long on any team, just ask Desmond Howard.
  12. JDSmith

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    I think Swinton was signed by Arizona. I saw something flashing by on the bottom of the screen when I was watching preseason football earlier.
  13. ghst187

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    Rashard Lee to return kicks.....

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