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News: *** T.O. Breaking News CONTINUED ***Out of Hospital

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Reality, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. superpunk

    superpunk Benched

    26,328 Messages
    73 Likes Received
    Has the new revised OFFICIAL police report been released? I keep hearing it talked about, how things have been redacted, blotted out, etc, but have yet to see it.

    I find it hard to believe that police would do that to cover something up for someone, no matter who they are.
  2. supafly

    supafly Member

    140 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Well. Looks like TO is going to be a distraction in the locker room in a slightly different manner now. Cant say you werent warned, TO requires significant attention (although some might call it supervision)
  3. BrAinPaiNt

    BrAinPaiNt Backwoods Sexy Staff Member

    68,023 Messages
    15,198 Likes Received
    I have to be honest and say....I have never been a coffee drinker.
  4. dargonking999

    dargonking999 DKRandom

    11,935 Messages
    396 Likes Received
    yessir, this was all a plot by TO, to take this team down

    First the hammy

    Then to break his hand

    all so he can over load pain pills, and kill himself

  5. Boyzmamacita

    Boyzmamacita CowBabe Up!!! Zone Supporter

    16,643 Messages
    6,278 Likes Received
  6. TX_Yid

    TX_Yid Well-Known Member

    1,563 Messages
    447 Likes Received
    Just listening to the locker room interview, tuned in late. Bradie Jame is speaking but he is playing it down a lot. Says it was a supplement thing, TO was in the locker room when they got back says he is fine.
  7. superpunk

    superpunk Benched

    26,328 Messages
    73 Likes Received
    Neither was I for a while.

    Then, I discovered that if I drink coffee, about 20 minutes later I'm making bears.

    Great for the digestive system.
  8. supafly

    supafly Member

    140 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    personally I dont think hes smart enough. You cant deny he is NOT a distraction now though, now can you? Think this is good for the boys?

    BLEU3ASY Member

    761 Messages
    17 Likes Received
    they all take supplements...like 25-30 pills aday...i think thats where the misunderstanding comes from.
  10. Portland Fanatic

    Portland Fanatic Well-Known Member

    4,487 Messages
    27 Likes Received
    You forgot purposely missing a meeting too...all part of the suicide plot :lmao2:
  11. Portland Fanatic

    Portland Fanatic Well-Known Member

    4,487 Messages
    27 Likes Received
    Honestly, the media is becoming the distraction...not TO.

    I was not in favor of TO, however since he's been here I've been absolutly disgusted by the media...not TO.
  12. koolaid

    koolaid Drink Me

    1,822 Messages
    130 Likes Received
    sounds like most guys on the team are joking about it
  13. bobtheflob

    bobtheflob New Member

    1,768 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Where does dressing up like a biker fit in there?
  14. Jarv

    Jarv Loud pipes saves lives. Zone Supporter

    8,438 Messages
    1,368 Likes Received
    Yep, you don't ?

    Hmmm....the Boys and not our Boys.

    Someone call the bouncer.
  15. kTXe

    kTXe On To The Next One

    1,544 Messages
    94 Likes Received
    When it was just the hand, I wasn't so sure.

    Now, despite what you think about what happened with TO last night, I think TO has an extra something to prove to everyone, possibly including himself.

    He will suit up against the Titans on Sunday.


  16. 1fisher

    1fisher Well-Known Member

    5,777 Messages
    120 Likes Received

    grizzly, polar, or silverbear:eek: :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2:
  17. mmohican29

    mmohican29 Well-Known Member

    2,714 Messages
    652 Likes Received
    Regardless of the unfortunate situation and truly it doesn't surprise me. Alot of famous people that show grandiose personalities suffer from extraordinary internal pain of abuse or neglect in their lives. What makes them great is the ability to channel that negative energy into positive... but it can take an emotional toll over time that if left uncounseled can destroy someone from inside.

    Everyone has known someone that has been mentally ill. This is not a laughing matter, and I find it distasteful to judge T.O. on facts that are somewhat incongruent.

    My opinion is that the man has a problem and it will be dealt with. That said I think his teammates will rally to his side and the Cowboys as a whole will end up stronger for it.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

    33,862 Messages
    6,260 Likes Received
    No Trolling Skins fan.:nono2:

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