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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by miamicowboy21, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. miamicowboy21

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  2. theebs

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    nothing new. Although he said again and lebatard said "If Parcells lets him play"

    That didnt sound too good to me. If this turns into parcells doing something to him, well that is ridiculous.
  3. Everlastingxxx

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    Did he say a police officer had called him a fancy little football player? I dunno TO leaves me feeling uneasy.
    Also said the 25 million reason comment prolly shoudnt have been said.
  4. Colo

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    Surely if Parcells held him out it would be because of his hand and not anything to do with the pills.
  5. theebs

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    Yes of course it would.

    Now explain that to Owens and the media.

    If he doesnt play the media and owens most likely will be very upset.

    If he doesnt play and we lose the BLANK will hit the fan.
  6. Maikeru-sama

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    I thought that came on at 6 CST?
  7. theebs

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    See now lebatard and his sidekick are dogging parcells and referring to him as a high school coach....

    Now its somehow is parcells fault that owens cant keep his act straight......

    Amazing...I guess its time to dog parcells now.

    Now Parcells is selfish also and they are calling him a pear because he is fat.

    Thanks alot owens....
  8. kidcrook

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    No way Terrell Owens is saying that stuff. No way.
  9. jlust22

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    The T.O. show airs live at 5:00 PM EST as part of Dan LeBatard's radio show on 790 AM out of Miami. ESPN 103.3 replays that interview at 6:00 CST. 103.3 really has nothing to do with the show except for re-airing it later.
  10. Rampage

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    T.O. will play
  11. CaptainAmerica

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    Exactly. How can people forget Parcells' mantra..."Are you with me on Sunday?"
  12. HoustonSucks

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    Wait, Dan and his "Sidekick" are saying these things about Parcells? Is TO in the studio while they're saying these things (IE he looks like a Pear?)

    Could those listening clarify?
  13. theebs

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    No man. owens said during the interview him playing is up to parcells.

    after the interview, lebatard and his sidekick on what sounds like a horrendous show were just baggin on parcells.

    Calling him a high school coach.

    I just get a sense that this next week that will pick up steam and parcells will be targeted, which is stupid. Why should an nfl head coach have to baby players..that is bs.
  14. Rack Bauer

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    HS is a female.

    Just a little 411 for ya. :D
  15. WoodysGirl

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    What was the Owens' tone in how he said "If Parcells lets him play" For instance, did you sense attitude by him? Not worried about LeBatard's tone or opinion.

    I think Parcells made it clear, he wasn't sure he was going to play him because of the hand. But it didn't seem like he was opposed to him playing.
  16. sbuscha

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    If it is any indication Parcells is taking him on the road trip. Parcells DOES NOT take players he is not playing on road trips. He has said it time and time again....

  17. HoustonSucks

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    Okay, cool. Thanks.

    Hope you're doing well, Rack! :)
  18. theebs

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    woops sorry Didnt mean to call ya man~!
  19. rickytickycamaro

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    I live here in Miami and hear the show evry Friday, something that Dan Lebatard and Stu Gotz were critizing Parcells was that Parcells never asked T.O. if he was OK. T.O. was a little humble with the whole thing.
  20. Yakuza Rich

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    True, but I'm sure if he's got a starter that has questionable health, he's going to bring him along just in case he thinks he can go. My guess is that there's an 80% chance that Owens will play and bringing him on the trip pretty much indicates that. But I could see Owens not looking good in a walk thru and Parcells deciding he can't go.


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