Takin It To The House w/Keyshawn on Sirius

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyManDan, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. CowboyManDan

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    Anyone who has Sirius ever listen to Keyshawn's show, Takin It To The House? I'm a new Sirius subscriber and just listened for my first time tonight. It was pretty cool. Key took callers questions and talked about the Cowboys along with the co-host.

    Nothing big to recap really. But here's a couple things:

    About the 'don't eat the cheese' type of thing, is that he feels the Cowboys have very good veteran leadership that won't allow the team to 'take the bait' or have a letdown.

    He also thinks Keith Davis should make the pro bowl as a special teams player, says that he is excellent on special teams (as if Parcells hasn't told us this a million times though).

    He doesn't know how the RB rotation will work, just that they'll both get carries. And this week they've been splitting time pretty equally in practice, so they should be getting used to it according to him.

    He thinks Newman might have intercepted McNabbs pass if Roy Williams hadn't.
  2. DallasDomination

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    Thanks for the info....

    Hey when ever that show comes on do you think you can let us less fortunate fans know the insiders?

  3. NovaCowboy

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    hey CowboyMan... you ever here the afternoon blitz with Schine and Riggins on Sirius? Does Schines obsession with the Gmen make you as sick as it does me?
  4. JohnsKey19

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    I agree 100% with Keyshawn about Keith Davis. The guy simply is unblockable for whatever reason on STs. He just blows up whatever blocker(s) in his path, and usually ends up making the tackle.
  5. Dallas31

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    Adam Schein's love of the G-men sickens me.

    So does his voice in general...

    I really like listening to Riggins though, and I love listening to some of the other shows, like Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan, and Shannon Sharpe and Bob Papa. Bob Papa is the Giants play-by-play announcer for their radio network, but he doesn't seem to be nearly the homer that Adam Schein is.
  6. ghosttown cowboy

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    I listen every day at work. Shein and Riggo annoy me, but they have Bradie James on every Tuesday. They were trying to get him to admit that we got lucky on Mon. night, all Bradie said was "a win is a win in this league, we won they lost" after that they both agreed. I like Tim Ryan, and Shannon Sharpe the best. Keyshawns hour is pretty good too. They replay it sometime saturday morning.
  7. Weber

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    You guys are lucky...I have XM...Oh how I wish they had the rights to the NFL.
  8. CrazyCowboy

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    Thanks for posting!
  9. NovaCowboy

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    Shannon Sharpe is pretty damn funny. He reminds me alot of Nate Newton when he talks.

    And I agree about Riggins, suprisingly I enjoy hearing his take. If it wasnt for him, I wouldnt bother tuning in to that mess on the blitz.
  10. Dallas31

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    Shannon cracks me up. The best was when he was asked who he would take between Kyle Boller, David Carr, and Joey Harrington. He said, "How about owning a pig farm in Iowa, is that a choice ???" He also said that he would sell the franchise and buy an NBA team if those were the choices... but the way he asked if he could have a pig farm in Iowa cracked me up...
  11. Dallas31

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    I don't, because then SIRIUS wouldn't. Of course, all other things being equal, the NFL makes me a SIRIUS subscriber for as long as they have the NFL channel and all the games for free. I have sunday ticket, so I don't listen to the games on SIRIUS in the car, but it is nice that if I have to be driving somewhere when a game is on, I can still listen to it.
  12. EGG

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    Key's show is my favorite because it's 90% Cowboys/NFC East related, always good for a handful of insider tidbits, and Key's an articulate, comfortable guy,,, easy to listen to.

    My problem is remembering to turn on "Takin It To The House" on Thursday nights~!

    (edit; ps. Next week the show is on Tuesday night)
  13. Danny White

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    Adam Schein is awful, but I think Riggins is great.

    I think they should boot the senile Madden off of MNF and replace him with Riggo and Irvin.
  14. CowboyManDan

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    You got it. Whenever I catch it I will try to recap for everyone.

    Yea, I've been listening to alot of the NFL channel on Sirius. I seem to catch the morning show with Dan Reeves the most. But yea, Schine doesn't do too much for me. But he is still better than the Patriot homers on local radio here...who seem to know nothing outside the Pats.

    Yea, hopefully I'll remember...it is moved to tuesday next week cuz of Turkey Day. By the way, according to Sirius.com Takin It To The House gets replayed Sundays at 5am (yikes!), Fridays at 7am and Saturdays at 2pm.
  15. luvtheboys

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    Great sig pic Danny White
  16. RCowboyFan

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    Yes if you watch the tape or replay, its clear that McNabb had no chance of completing the pass, with Newman Blanketing him like that. Except not sure how much of a chance Newman would have had to take it to the house.

    Roy was in perfect position to take it to the house.
  17. EGG

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    Thanks~! I've been meaning to print out a channel and program schedule so I can get the most out of Sirius Radio, finish doing all my presets. When I bought this thing it was kinda spontaneous, I was getting an MP3 capable stereo installed and thought, "What the heck, I'll try this thing out". This has got to be one of the best spontaneous decisions I've ever made.

    One of the other comments I remember from Keyshawn was that Bill mentioned to him that his deceased bro wore #31 just like Roy,,, who knows, maybe there was some devine intervention in this game! ;)

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