Tale of the tape: Smith vs. Sherrod

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheCount, Apr 18, 2011.

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    One thing I hadn't noticed was that Sherrod's agility numbers were actually marginally better than Smiths. Sherrod's bench numbers are oddly low though, a guy that size should probably be able to do more than 23 reps.
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    your talking about two different players right now. Sherrod has two more years of playing experence but is only a LT and not a great LT. I think Sherrod is to finesse to play RT. Sherrod has better technique right now but Smith can come in and start at RT. We don;t need a day one starting LT we need a day one starting RT. To me thats Smith, Carimi, Castanzo are my top 3. Smith has the slight advantage due to being 20, better feet and better pass protector, and can develop into a starting LT.

    Now I have no problem trading back and stock piling picks and taking Carimi or Castanzo, but if we take a OT at 9, then it has to be Smith.
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    I've always really like Sherrod...Not flashy, but good football player with great intangibles
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    I like Sherrod. I saw an interview with him not long ago and it just increased the way I feel about him. I think he will be a good pro, but the guy does have to get stronger. I like that he has 35+ inch arms. Of course I absolutely love Smith's 36+ inch arms even more! :laugh2:

    Tyron Smith, USC                    Derek Sherrod, Mississippi State
    Height: 6-5                         Height: 6-5
    Weight: 307                         Weight: 321
    40 time: 4.93                       40 time: 5.19
    10-yard split: 1.69                 10-yard split: 1.81
    20-yard split: 2.87                 20-yard split: 3.01
    Shuttle: 4.68                       Shuttle: 4.63
    3-cone: 7.47                        3-cone: 7.43
    Vertical: 29”                       Vertical: 28”
    225-pound bench press: 31 reps      225-pound bench press: 23 reps
    Broad jump: 9-feet-1                Broad jump: 8-feet-1
    Games 34                            Games 46

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