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    Yeah. I hate the DAL media, and I think the national media sensationalizes everything relating to the Cowboys, but I don't think there's actual bias, either. I just think they pimp what people will react to, and people react strongly to anything relating to the Dallas Cowboys. And bad-boys in Dallas have that 'here we go again' appeal that we still haven't shaken after 20 years.

    My biggest beef with the local media in Dallas is that many of them just don't understand football well enough to cover it professionally, and they run with sensational story lines instead of doing the hard work to cover what's actually going on. There's been plenty to be critical off here in recent years.
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    I don't think it is a bias as much as they know what sells. Covering some player in Jacksonville doesn't draw the coverage. It does in Dallas, NY, Washington, and a few other markets. Not all 32 NFL markets are equal. Dallas is one of the markets that matters and will always garner attention.

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