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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Jan 16, 2014.

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    Spent money is spent. You don't recoup it, you eat it.

    the plan to eat 8.5M for Ware this year while he plays elsewhere and likely at a much higher level than whomever we start at WDE is just not real bright.
    at best it is a worse case scenario we must face if the base we owe Ware can't be reduced through renegotiation.

    make no mistake though if we release Ware he immediately becomes the hottest FA commodity on the entire market.

    if we wanted to go scorched earth last year was the year to do so.
    we could have let Romo, Spencer, Ratliff, Witten, Miles all go via trade or release.

    when we didn't do that it meant we weren't doing it this year because the options aren't really there now that we are guaranteeing romo franchise money through 2015.
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    I would'v been fine with that list outside of Romo prior to last season...ironically, not Ware yet, now Ware too unfortunately...two straight seasons of reduced production (11.5 sacks is good) but down to 6. We are acting like little JJ's in hoping he will turn it around. There are and have been premier pass rushers in their 30's but once the decline begins, it usually continues down hill...a gambler wouldn't bet on Ware next season...
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    I don't hold out much hope that next year will be any different. As a matter
    Of fact I wouldn't be surprised if it were worse but what does that have to do with us following our team? Cleveland fans don't abandon even when they knew they weren't going to win, neither do the fans of other bottom rung teams so why is it necessary for our fans to leave because they no longer believe the leadership of this franchise?
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    It was a call to make last year is the point.

    "There is no such thing as half-way crooks, scared to death, scared to look..."

    You don't 'sort of' rebuild.
    You either re-build or you re-load.
    Dallas committed to re-loading.
    It is what it is.

    We don't have the same choices to make as we did last year.

    The true gamble is that we EVER replace Ware. EVER. You have a better chance of winning the lottery than finding a Demarcus Ware at 16 or below in any draft in any given season.

    But you have to do the best you can given the actual choices and I've listed those with actual dollar amounts plenty previous....

    Ware will be handled in one of a few ways:
    1. Cut early save 7.5m over fake cap charge but eat 8.5m real dead money.
    2. restructure as is and save 9.5M over fake charge.
    3. renegotiate ... many variables but easy to get 10m savings over fake cap charge.
    4. Cut June 2 and save 10m with dead money eaten mostly next year. --have to make fake 16m cap charge real until june.

    Essentially you get Ware free in 2014 in every real scenario.
    His restructure money can certainly be used to bolster depth just as easily as his smaller savings for release.
    Which is why the arguments are just fan based drivel mostly.
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    Mobb Deep...nice. It would be rough or not overly beneficial but would go with option 1 for the sake of the youth and talent that is needed to rebuild. Reloading turned out to be a catastrophe and definitely the wrong direction for the team as it turns out. Why double down on that failed philosophy?
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    Free took a pay cut.

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