Recap: Talkin Cowboys 5.14

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, May 15, 2014.

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    • 24 new players

    • Ready to pick Shazier but he went to Pit. How different couldve gone if Dal picked him? Wouldve been Will, Carter wouldve been the SAM.

    • Didnt go into the draft thinking Martin. But made the right choice.

    • They did try to trade back, and most likely wouldve picked Lawrence earlier if they couldve.

    • Develop the OL because Romo isnt always going to be taking snaps. Have an established good OL in place for the successor will only enhance his success.

    • Jerry probably killed a deal somebody trading up for Manziel by down talking him.

    • The way teams were picking before the Cowboys, if they had Lawrence rated there they did smart move not to hope and wait for teams to pick. smart trade up.

    • Marinelli thinking they put Lawrence in on 2nd and 3rd down right away and produce pressure plays.

    • Just want Lawrence to worry about just going after the QB, and grow into the posistion.

    • Mitchens is a guy that you can have a reliable option that can play different spots and allow Hollomon to move to a spot that he can contribute more, SAM.

    • Eberflus talks about Durant moving over to the WILL spot to compete with Carter. Carter is going to have to win the spot to start this yr.

    • Broaddus; People are overrating Copeland.

    • Broaddus, Washington is a nice player active, but i really like the Boyd kid.

    • Broaddus: Huge fan of Gardner, and thinks Bishop is a player.

    • Gardner, Very active, people are going to love his work ethic.

    • Ahmad Dixon is going to suprise people. He hits
  2. TwoDeep3

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    This is my concern. With his size being rangy, he would get worn down by holding up a tackle on run downs.

    So he is a pass rush specialist.

    If he struggles in transition to the bigs at all in the pass rush, then what?
  3. birdwells1

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    This is how the 49ers and the Seahawk built their teams and I'm in favor of it. When this team seriously competes for a championship, Romo may not be our starting qb.
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    Well professor, if he struggles in transition and ends up being a mediocre pass rusher in addition to not being a fantastic run stopper, I guess he'd go down as a poor draft pick and "miss" on the scout's and FO's part.

    Obviously they're confident he'll produce, as evidenced by how highly they had him rated + the trade up.
  5. XDez88BeastX

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    I agree people are overrating copeland but mainly as a ball carrier not as a blocker. The dude had some major fumble issues at LSU. I still love him though he is a mammoth human being
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    That's fine but I don't want to see him hitting our WRs and RBs in camp. And I don't want to see any 15 yd, automatic first down penalties. The hard-hitting safety is a step behind the fullback toward extinction in today's NFL.
  7. Gaede

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    Copeland is a FA. I have no expectations for him. The guys I do are Coleman, Vaughn, and Malena. I want to see them do well.
  8. Future

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    They also brought in running QBs who deflate sack numbers even more than Tony probably does.
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    I doubt he will get any carries tbh, just care about his blocking
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    A safety that delivers big hits is not a good thing with the current rules. Thus a sad statement about the direction of the NFL if you think about it.
  11. stasheroo

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    Some good stuff. Will have to take a listen.

    Thanks very much for posting the recap, much appreciated!
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    I'm glad we missed on Shazier.

    I feel like we should develop some of our linebackers in house and I don't think he is a special enough talent to warrant over a Lineman like Zack.

    Build the lines and control the LOS consistently and that is our best shortcut to success.

    I'm not sold on Demarcus Lawrence though. Not that I don't think he is a good player I just wish we hadn't gave up so much to get him.

    Trai Turner in the 3rd and the best available rushman in the 2nd would've been the better route imo because we have so much invested in Lawrence now that if a beast RDE falls in our laps in next years draft we will most likely have to pass because of Lawrence.
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  13. Joe Rod

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    Thanks Latin, much appreciated. Does anyone know anything about this blurb? First I have heard anything about it.
  14. dware94

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    My guess is this in reference to Jerry downplaying the notion that they would draft Manziel in his pre draft press conference. JJ probably could've created more trade interest if he kept his mouth shut instead of telling the world they had no interest in drafting him days before the draft. Just a thought.
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  15. big dog cowboy

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    I'm shocked.
  16. DFWJC

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    Martin was a great pick.

    But if they could have traded all the way down to the very late 1st round and added us a late 2nd, this draft could have been real sweet.
    4 picks in 3 rounds instead of only 2.

    late 1st): Lawrence (or Ward or other)
    47) Tim Jernigan (or Murphy or Attaochu or Latimer, etc)
    late 2nd) Kony Ealy or Morgan Moses or Crichton, etc
    78) Trai Truner (or T Brooks or Martin, etc)
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  17. DBOY3141

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    Hindsight is always 20/20, but it would have been interesting if they would have traded back to Cleveland and received a 3rd. So now we have 26,47 and 2 3rds.

    26 - Jimmy Ward
    34 - Lawrence (still do the trade with Washington - giving them 47 and a 3rd)
    78 - Trai Turner
  18. birdwells1

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    Actually, I've been tossing a theory atound in my head and I'll state it here to see what yall think. The NFL has been devaluing rbs for some years now but it seems to me that the 2 best teams in the league have done something similar with the qb position. SF ans Seattle may not have done it as a plan but either way they are built the same way, build your team by using your cap space on other positions then get a qb through the draft that way he doesnt have to be great for you to be successful.

    This may be contrarian thinking but if you have a top 8 qb in this league then you're going to pay from 15 to 25 million a year for his services, in a salary cap era the rest of the team is sure to suffer from that. But what's an owner to do, everyone says that when you have an elite qb that you have to keep him because its so few of them around and if you don't sign him everyone will say that you're a fool. Just think of how far the Ravens would be ahead of their return to a seriously competitive state if they didn't sign Flacco who wasn't worth franchise qb money.

    The NFL has done a great job in increasing it's popularity by making the game more offensive therefore putting more importance on the qb in turn making instant starts. What if a a team doesnt follow the NFLs marketing strategy to build their team, what if they valued building the lines vs finding the ever elusive "elite" qb. For one, an injury to the qb wouldn't be a season ender as is the case in NO, Denver, GB, Pitts and NE. Anther would be that you would probably have a great running game because of your olines dominance.

    These 2 teams maybe built this way due to their hc coaches coming from the college level where the starting qb may only start 2 years or more then they have to find another one so they never really have stability at that position.The Seattle Seahawks traded for Terrell Pryor in the offseason, if Wilson goes down then I think that he can "bus drive" them to a few wins because the rest of the team is so good.

    The reason I made this comment is because JJ may just be doing what these two west coast franchise have had success doing over the last 3 years, build your olin and dline and fit everything else in including qb,
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  19. DFWJC

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    I too would tap the brakes on Copeland. Hoping for the best though.
  20. jazzcat22

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    Yes, I am too, but I'm glad they got a FB, wanted Millard, but needed someone to compete with Clutts. I think they could use a 3rd FB to compete at first.

    Thanks LM for the OP, good stuff. I was trying to listen to this earlier on Cowboys phone app, but was having a hard time staying connected.
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