Recap: Talkin Cowboys 7-24

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by LatinMind, Jul 24, 2013.

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    Wilcox joins show.

    * Coaches saying Wilcox reminds them of Bill Bates. Practices and tackles full force. Has coaches attention already.

    * Talks about understanding the system, taking care of your teammates and playing hard important to him and hardest thing about being a rookie.

    * Scheme has slowed him down a bit because of the speed of the game.

    * Taught at Georgia Southern that if youre around the ball good things happen.

    * Playing ST as personal protector. Important posistion and a suprise for a rookie playing that spot says Broaddus.

    * Caller 2 questions. Confidence in wr after Dez and Austin? Harris right now beause team knows what he can do.

    Thoguth Cowboys might keep 6 WRs. Dez, Miles, Harris, Williams, Beasley, 6 might be up for grabs.Coale eligible for PS still.

    * George Selvi and Landon Cohen coming in for Dallas.

    * Selvi being brought in because Wilber isnt strong enough to play left side. Garrett affirmed this.

    * Ware is looking energized and unstoppable with this new def. Ware isnt playing man on man on the tackle in this scheme. But he's playing half man.

    * Marinelli said they moved Bass sooner then they wanted to. They saw him athletic enough to do it. But with Spencers injury and Wilber not able to play SDE Bass was moved over.

    * Cowboys are looking at players. There are 2-3 names that Cowboys are looking to cut and 2 names being mentioned on being brought in. But they didnt want to say any names.

    * Cowboy coaches are not concerned about injuries theyve suffered the way fans are.

    * Costa and Cook getting snaps at C today and both getting reps at G today.

    * Doug Free improving and did a good job on anybody that lined up on him today. He's not waiting on people to create contact with him but going after the player. Free playing like the best Tackle on the team right now.

    * They seem to think Dallas wants to keep Weems.

    * Frederick looking comfident in calls.

    * Escobar looks comfortable already and the game doesnt look to big or fast for him.

    * BW Webb needs to pick his game up a little.
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    been missing your recaps LM.
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    Good to hear.
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    Thanks for the recap!

    I am glad to hear good things about Free, Frederick and Escobar.
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  5. LatinMind

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    Have a few days off so i decided to listen in because ot alot of people including myself dont know whats going on.

    Best news on there that i heard is on Free. There was a thread about not hearing anything about Parnell i guess now we know why. Free seems to have made adjustments. They talked about Callahan working with Free to get rid of this L looking stance he started with off the snap that basically had him slouched over waiting for contact. They all agreed that Free is playing solid right now and is outplaying Tyron.
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    Thanks for the recap.

    Great news about Free.
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    I was the first caller in the show today :D
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  9. dmq

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    Wow, if Callahan resurrects Free from the toilet, I will have immense respect for him. That would be a stunning development.
  10. Ultimategamer5567

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    IF that happens, I will get Callahan's face tattoo'd on my forehead in celebration.
  11. Joe Rod

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    Having Free play like 2010 and Frederick play to his potential would make this line light years better than last year. We can only hope.
  12. Ren

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    Free is good news, if he can return to 09-10 form our OL will be much improved
  13. CoCo

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    Listening to Wilcox now. This guy does not sound like a rookie to me. Certainly humble and respectful but leaves you feeling this game & the NFL is nowhere near too big for him. He seems totally comfortable and at ease, confident, knows that he fits, but again without arrogance. I cannot wait to see this guy in action.
  14. BrAinPaiNt

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    Thanks for these recaps. As much as so many appreciate them, they are still under appreciated IMO.
    Thanks again.
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    Not liking the comparison of Wilcox to Bill Bates. Bates was never a good safety, but a hard nosed special teamer. We need more from Wilcox.
  16. BrAinPaiNt

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    The comparison is more about him hitting hard in practice and going 100% and not knowing how to ease down even during practice.

    It is a good thing and a compliment to the young man. It does not he is destined to only be a ST player and occasional starter on D.
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  17. LatinMind

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    yeah, the comparison was to the way wilcox is in terms of attitude.Always going 100%. Always hitting somebody or something. Talking about how the coaches have already had to talk to him about hitting in practice. That while the defensive coaches love this about him, the offensive coaches dont always like it. Because he's hitting everybody lol. And thats the way Bates was, 100% all the time.
  18. Doomsday101

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    I agree. From what I have heard Wilcox is having a good camp thus far and is a very intense player as Bill Bates was. I would rather the HC tell a player to dial it back in practice as oppose to telling a player to give more effort. Wilcox is out there playing for keeps I want him to continue that and hope others see this and put in that same effort
  19. RXP

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    Good news about Free. But talking about Free being the best tackle on the team makes me concerned about Tyron. I know he's had his struggles against Ware, but who wouldn't?
    Hopefully Smith hasn't taken a step back. He needs to keep getting better.
  20. Doomsday101

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    According to reports the last practice Smith held his own vs Ware. Prior to that Ware was having his way with Smith.

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