Recap: Talking Cowboys 3-6

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Mar 7, 2014.

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    • Cowboys willing to restructure everybody now because of the raise in the salary cap should be able to absorb the restructues without any trouble.

    • People talk about the Cowboys spending so much, but fans of teams with 60mil in cap space youre mad

    • Cap hits for the next 3 yrs in millions
    Lee 3.7, 5.4, 5.9
    Scan 3.6, 4.3, 5.25

    • Deep pockets let you take these risks. Not all teams can.

    • Dallas restructured Romos contract to be basically a 3 yr deal. 2016 is most likely Romo's last yr as a Cowboy. His dead money would be 11.5 in 2017. Most likely a june cut.

    • Dont dismiss the possibility of Dallas not taking a QB if he fell. Mickey typically says "you're going to put a rookie out there?"

    • 16 in this draft, good players are going to drop.

    • Cahill asked one of the coaches if Orton didnt come back would they go to Fa or the draft? Coach said they would draft a QB.

    • Dez will probably be the first one between him and Tyron to be extended. Because of Tyrons option for that 5th yr.

    • Will not restructure Carr and let him go with his contract.

    • Alot people on the team were happy to see Ratliff gone.
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    Thanks for the recap. No big surprises there.
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    First of all, thanx LM for these recaps. I know I appreciate these a LOT even though i dont always say that :D

    i know you are just summarizing their points so my comments are not a reflection on you in any way

    these are 2 points that people make in defense of this teams inept management and both these points are idiotic

    no one talks about the cowboys "spending so much", they get criticized for spending unwisely
    if they spent the same amount and actually built a team that contended, no one would complain

    second, deep pockets dont let you take those risks, last i looked the salary cap is the same for all teams.
    jerry making billions off the stadium does not mean our salary cap is higher. jerry is the richer for it and the fans are the poorer because it means he has less incentive to change his idiotic ways

    only people employed by the cowboys or the completely ignorant would make these comments as fact
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    Yup, you pretty much hit on the points. Nice job.
  5. LatinMind

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    I agree. What i think theyre getting at is, Jerry is going to try everything. And he's done that. Just hasnt worked. But i will say this, I think McClay is the right step in the right way. Right now basically he's doing all the work that a GM would be doing, without being named the GM. The guy is involved in every aspect of the team in terms of who the Cowboys are putting on the field. He's the one in the coaches ears and letting the scouts know what direction to go. He might not be the GM but he;s a big guy in Dallas these days.
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    dont know enough about McClay but i can only hope you are right
  7. LatinMind

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    I didnt know who he was before either. But TC talks about him so much, and how much he is involved with the team in every aspect. You get a general idea of who he is and what he does.
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  8. big dog cowboy

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    Alot people off the team were happy to see Ratliff gone.
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    Interesting about Brandon Carr. The contract was designed for restructuring and the team's not doing it. He's got a huge cap number for 2014 at $12.2 million. Not a guy that can be cut this year, but looks like they clearly don't view him as a fit and want to move on ASAP. Or maybe it's the position in general -- CB not as valued. The team would rather have 3 more Orlando Scandricks rather than 1 Carr.

    Wonder if that might put a CB in our draft sights early.
  10. RXP

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    Not restructuring Carr teels me that this is Carr's final year to shine in Dallas. If he can play to his potential, he will probably play out the rest of his contract. If not, he will be gone next year.

    Because they won't restructure this year, it will be much easier to release him next year because there isn't any money being pushed into future years.
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    Thanks for recap.
    Nothing earth shattering but it does just further describe their mind set.
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    Yeah they were going to talk about Ware but they got sidetracked. so that leads me to think they dont know anything or they wouldve talked about it. The more they take on even any news coming out makes me think they might be trying to work out a new deal like suggs. IMO it would be whats best for both parties. Dallas keeps a player they dont want to let go, he gets more security and stays with the team he wants to be with, and the team gets more caproom, without pushing money to the backend of the deal. Something like suggs 5 yr 28 mil would be great.
  13. visionary

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    he took a page from our HCs playbook and said that this was a great learning year for him

    too many learners on this team and in our coaching staff
  14. arglebargle

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    IF you stop learning, you're dead. One way or another.
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  15. ak47kaehu

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    It's so hilarious when mickey constantly uses the phrase "well if he's so good then why is he a free agent".
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    It does my head in, nearly crashed the car today listening to it.
  17. egn22

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    Thanks for the recap, seriously, very much appreciated. It's one of the reasons I check this site daily.
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  18. burmafrd

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    my ability to listen to Mick has decreased over the years; an unabashed shill really grates anymore
  19. theSHOW

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    5 years? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa he won't last 2. lol
  20. Hoofbite

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    Oh, why not?

    $27.8M cap figure makes it very likely that Tony restructures again next year. In fact, by the third day of 2015, almost all of his base salary becomes guaranteed. So he's almost definitely restructuring.

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