News: Tampa Bay: Romo QB challenge

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    QB Challenge

    Perhaps lost a little bit amid the Cowboys’ up-and-down season – a 3-4 start followed by a four-game winning streak and now two consecutive heartbreaking losses – is the fact that quarterback Tony Romo is putting together yet another superb season.

    Throwing for roughly 275 yards per game, Romo has completed 65% of his throws and tossed 26 touchdown passes versus just nine interceptions. His 100.6 passer rating isn’t quite in Aaron Rodgers’ stratosphere – who’s is? – but it does make him one of only four passers still in triple digits this far into the season. The others are Rodgers (123.3), Tom Brady (106.0) and Drew Brees (105.9) and Buccaneers coaches recently compared Romo to two of those three prolific passers.

    “[I see] Aaron Rodgers,” said Morris of Romo. “He’s got all the ability in the world. I said Aaron because that’s one of the more recent great quarterbacks that we’ve played against, but I see all of those great quarterback qualities that you look for. Obviously, being the quarterback, no different than our own, you get all the credit when you win, you get all of the criticism when you lose, so when you talk about playing in a place like Dallas or playing the quarterback position, that’s where the most heat comes. The head coach and the quarterback usually get the most and that’s just what goes on in this league, but Romo, he’s a really good football player and he find receivers. He keeps plays alive. He’s a great improviser. He’s great within this system. He puts the ball where it’s supposed to be. He’s deadly accurate. He’s got all of the things that you want in a quarterback.”
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    i thought Eli was having the best season of his career and is better than romo? ;)
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    If you want good comments about Tony you need to visits the opponent’s website. :lmao:

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