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Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by Teague31, Aug 11, 2017 at 8:14 PM.

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    selfishly i would love this but than again i'm not going to be able to attend a game this year (unless it's the Super Bowl)
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    Yeah and have Goodell hand the Lombardi trophy and SB MVP award to Elliot
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    This is the only revenge I can think of that Jerry can do if 6 game suspension holds up:

    1. Dak goes on sabbatical with Zeke to Argentina to play with loose woman. Jerry goes with them as well as Jaylon and Dez. The 5 amigos posts their happy trip on Cowboys mothership. This tanks the year and gets them a top 3 draft pick for war daddy.
    2. A bad Cowboys team pisses off many owners and NFL because they will lose revenues and TV ratings as Cowboys games were how most of the top TV draws last year. Jerry can easily afford it, and he can turn home games into subtle Goddell hate fests.
    3. Play the year in protest and piss off NFL more by bringing in Kapernick to replace Dak for the year, Ray Rice for RB, and Hardy for RDE. This would also make it easier to keep Hardy for 2018 and 2019 because the contract would have 2 1-year options.
    4. During the season, sue NFL for antitrust and HR violations.
    5. As @Hardline said, hire PI to investigate Goddell and expose him.
    6. Put bounty on Eli and an up and coming defensive player on the Giants when we play them. 15 yard penalties = bonus for the game.

    Jerry can cut off his nose to get back at the NFL and Goddell.
    As of Dec 19:
    "Four of the five most watched NFL games this season, per Sports Media Watch, are Cowboys games. They are: Cowboys-Redskins on Thanksgiving (35.1 million); Cowboys-Steelers (28.9 million); Cowboys-Packers (28.0 million); Vikings-Lions (27.6 million) and Cowboys-Giants (27.5 million)."
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    that's going to be a no from me dawg.
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    What are you nuts??? Emmitt missed 2 games on purpose and we won the SB!
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    Yeah, that'll teach 'em. :facepalm:
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    Go undefeated, run up the score on the Gnats...:starspin:
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    Man some of you guys are just plain crazy...was it the 2010 Packers who lost so many starters to injury

    and turned around and won the super bowl anyway?
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    Calm down. I know it's fresh but this offense is still loaded with or without Zeke. I know we all said Zeke was the difference between 2015 and 2016 offense. He played a part but you know what else did? The rookie of the year in Dak. Zeke did not do it on his own. Dak is light years better than Cassell or Weeden was in 2015. McFadden, Morris and Smith are not as good as Zeke but they will hold their own. And 2 of them have been around the block.

    If it was Dak getting suspended, then yes, we'd been in a giant hole to start the year because Kellen Moore is terrible. The drop off from Dak to him is much different than the drop off from Zak to his backups. Dak is really good. And he gets another weapon in Switzer who has been great all camp so far. And not to mention the OL is one of, if not the best in the league.

    Don't throw in the towel yet. Even without Zeke for the first 4 games (which is where I think this drops to), we are still more talented than those first 4 teams we play. It might be a little more difficult but I think we are going to be fine. People were up in arms last year when Dez got hurt for a month or more. We won all those games.
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    would probably do more damage to Cowboys brand. What Jones need to do in those owner meetings is get a consistent mechanism in place for suspensions. Right now the league is all over the place. They need 3rd party with credibility to make suspension decisions.

    Dallas is 17th in NFL for player arrest. But is #1 in suspensions. At best that looks suspicious.
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    Long-term, this makes sense. This could potentially be our final chance to get a War Daddy pass rusher AKA a Top-12 pick. Big difference between an elite defensive prospect and a late 1st rounder Taco Charlton/Anthony Spencer. With the potential of the offense, we're never going to be bad enough to draft that high to get a true superstar pass rusher unless we get hit by suspensions/Dak injury.

    We need that final piece of the puzzle!
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    One of the best rants I have read tonight, kudos sir! :grin:
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    Too bad Witten will retire this year w/o a playoff apperance
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    Lol easy to think that way initially... As pissed off as we all are I don't think any fan wants to see them lose. That doesn't stick it to the NFL, it sticks it to the players and fans. We have plenty of pieces to compete even without Elliott. I believe every win becomes even more exciting the first 6 weeks knowing we just have to get through that stretch for a good chance to compete with a fresh Zeke waiting. 3 and 3 is probably a modest prediction considering we have Denver, Giants, Packers, and Cardinals. If we beat the Rams, 49ers, and take 1 of those 3 games we're very much in the hunt. 4 and 2 is realistic and everything on top of that would be icing considering our short de rotation and no Elliott.
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    Why did I come in this thread? I must like the pain.
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    More like...

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    Can't spell pain without the PA - you know that bro!?!!
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