Tanner is useless

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 50cent, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. egn22

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    Murray and Dunbar are both injured, and the decision to roll with 4 rbs was a bad one? lol, wow.
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  2. cannonball44

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    4th, to be completely accurate.
  3. 50cent

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    Its not about him as a 3rd or 4th RB and everything about this team having more pressing needs to begin the season than carrying 4 RBs period. He's a closer, that doesn't close. Hes a bruiser that has no role as a short yardage back. Hes a ST stalwart that makes no plays. Hes an insurance policy in case our starter goes down so we don't have to trust a rookie, but when the top 2 get injured he gets leapfrogged in the rotation.

    Again, he should have never made the team to begin with if you aren't going to have a role for him outside of ST. We have enough rookie talent to fill his all important ST play. We would have been better off going with three and signing a street vet in case of something happening like our current situation. Just another case of mismanaging this roster. It amazing that this is a Cowboys forum and some are complaining about a thread about a Cowboy thats wasting a roster spot. SMH!!

    And just in case you want to know which player I would have replaced him with to start the season, the answer is easy! ANY!!!! (McGee, Moore, Bell, Tanner and Killer to name a few)
  4. dart

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    should have drafted Lacy instead of Escobar
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  5. ryanbabs

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    Well, maybe he's actually our fourth back and that's why he was supposedly "leapfrogged". I think he's probably more a situational back, but I'll admit I was surprised not to see him in there at the goal line.
  6. ninja

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    Yeah, Lacy would have been nice there in the 2nd round instead of Escobar. Oh, well, still a good draft. Hindsight is 20/20. And we 'should' have picked Lacy in the second and Det FA TE Fauria in the 5th and we would have had one of the best drafts ever.

    If we are going down the hindsight road, if we really wanted TE in the 2nd round, we probably should have went with Reed who was taken in the 3rd by Wash.

    There still is time. Escobar may shine down the road. And maybe this guy Randle outplays Eddie Lacy when their careers are all over. Who knows.
  7. rat2k8

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    He looked pretty good in pre season, maybe if they would give him a chance he can do something. He is not going to get you big plays but he can crash for 4 or 5 yards, what is wrong with that?

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