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    Not sure who else is watching the TAMU vs Rice game but Everett Deshazor was just ejected for targeting. The definition of targeting from what I understand us lining up a defenseless player and hitting them helmet to helmet.

    Now I am no A&M fan but that looked clean by definition. Yet even after review Deshazor was still ejected and suspended the first half of the next game. (It's in the rule book) does anybody else feel like this is going to cause some huge problems down the line in more competitive or important games.

    On a side note, I'm Afraid football as we know it will be dead within the decade and reduced to an overhyped version of flag football.
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    Yes, I think there will be a significant problem in a big game at some point this year due to this rule. I think it is a poor rule and too much punishment for something that can happen so fast. Getting ejected and then having to sit out a half from another game is too harsh especially when the call is very subjective even when watching it on a replay/review. A 15 yard penalty is sufficient. If you want to suspend players for these types of hits, then that should be reviewed after a game and based on the accumulation of multiple penalties for similar hits. It shouldn't happen within a game.
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    Honestly, unless the NCAA definition is different, I'm pretty sure that WR wasn't defensless by the NFL definition by that point. He'd come down, taken a couple of steps and appeared to have his feet under hm and got hit from the front in the body.

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