Tavon Austin's open-field juke

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Idgit, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Idgit

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    Love what the Rams are doing. The NFCW is going to be the most interesting division in football this season.
  2. visionary

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    homerism prevents us from seeing the truth (just read this forum)

    there is a reason there has NEVER been a truly great game-changing 5-9 WR in the NFL

    prediction: tavon austin will miss at least one game this year and several games over the next 3 years because of injury
  3. WV Cowboy

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    I have never tooted a WVU players horn before Tavon. BP does not show homerism either.

    This is not about homerism.

    Tavon Austin brings a game that is like no other that I have seen, .. and I am not the first or only person to say something like that about him.

    Most recently I saw where Don Nehlen, ex-WVU football coach say about the same thing about TA, and he added, "in 30 years of coaching football."

    Wow, way to go out on a limb. So you think he will miss a game this season, .. like all of those other little soft guys like Sean Lee, Miles Austin, Demarco Murray, etc.

  4. BrAinPaiNt

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    And I am sure that even the biggest Lineman (o or d line) will miss a game this year and maybe several over the next three years.

    It is pretty silly to say someone is going to miss games when players of all sizes and positions miss games.

    But go on and be a hater.:laugh2:
  5. visionary

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    homers never know they are being homers
    i assure you that you and BP are WV homers (nothing wrong with liking or being a homer for your state BTW)

    that line was in response to the statement that he has never missed a game or practice so if he misses game time in his first year as a professional player, i would guess that is a significant event

    i also never stated that he was "soft" or any of those players you named are soft becasue they have missed playing time due to injury

    your post above is a good example of your homerism actually, you are taking my perfectly reasonable statements and trying to modify them to make them appear extreme or unreasonable becasue you cant refute my statements
  6. WV Cowboy

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    I speak highly of one WV player ever, and you call homerism. :laugh2:

    To prove your point that he is small, you make some bold prediction that he would miss a game next year, .. which I found laughable since almost every NFL players misses a game now and then.

    I just mentioned a few that did indeed miss a game, and they aren't small.

    Which blows your "bold prediction" out of the water.

    And I don't need to refute your statements, common sense and football logic refute your statements.
  7. JackWagon

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    Eric Metcalf starter kit.
  8. RoyTheHammer

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    Kind of a silly statement, dontcha think?
  9. erod

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    Eric Metcalf, Jaquizz Rogers, Leeland McElroy, a million dudes from Oregon......

    He'll be decent, but the pros are far different than playing the thousands of college guys that never seriously sniff the NFL.
  10. EchoBrain22

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    Steve Smith WR Carolina has been a game changer
  11. Lodeus

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    That's what I hears about Beasley a lot.

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