Taylor Mays update: Clarification on 40 time

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by JonJon, Mar 22, 2010.

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    03/21/10 - TOP RATED NFL DRAFT SCOUT SAFETIES: Taylor Mays, Southern California, 6-3, 230,

    1: Even in a supposedly controlled environment, Mays seems to create controversy and defy description. At the combine, there was agreement that he measured 6-3?, 230 pounds. But various stop watches had his 40-yard time somewhere between 4.24 (NFL Network) and 4.43 seconds (NFL.com). According to combine officials responsible for collating official times, Mays' sprints registered at 4.31 and 4.33 seconds. So let's agree that he has a freakish combination of size and speed.

    The real question is what Mays does with it. His penchant for intimidating and mugging players seems to override reacting to the ball. He was used as a center-field type safety because he is at his best when things are in front of him so he can use great closing speed to make a play. But he often took bad angles on deeper plays, resulting in him trailing when he should have been on top of the receiver. If he puts it together, Mays could be a difference-maker in the NFL.

    His father, Stafford Mays, was a defensive lineman in the NFL for nine seasons. - Frank Cooney, The Sports Xchange, NFLDraftScout.com/CBS Sports/USA TODAY
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    Can't even work a stopwatch correctly.
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    I think there's a good chance he goes in the first now. Some team will bite
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    No one has doubted that he's fast, they've doubted that he can play safety effectively.

    Watch some tape on him - he's terrible on taking angles and has relied on speed to play catchup when a big play is made. He also goes for the big hit and knocking the ball out by force vs. playing the ball.

    A team will fall in love with his measurables and think they can do something with him; unless they try a LB experiment, I don't think Mays will be an effective pro.
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    That might end up being us.... RW31 take two?..... If he is Roy Williams 2.0 with new and improved coverage skills I'll welcome it, otherwise no thank you.
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    Any chance that this guy goes to a 4-3 scheme and gets converted to a "Will"?
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    Doubtful, I don't think he has enough bulk to play LB. He'll stay at safety and be a roaming enforcer.
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    No one has said he is not fast for his size or he isn't a great physical specimen. The Nfl is contingent on your safties being able to cover. I'm not sure he could do that on a consistent basis. I'd rather have a Thomas or Allen from S.Fla. (see my mock thread)

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